Business Letter Essay Example

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A Business Letter

Mr./Ms./Dr. Recipient

Street Address, including Unit or Suite Number

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Dear Sir/Madam (Recipient),

Ref: Preparations on the Business Report Project: “The Importance of Effective Communication for Business Expansion.”

Thank you so much for your continuous confidence in me concerning the business report project that is being prepared for an official presentation to be carried out soon. Your involvement in the whole process of drafting this report, with the provision of critical information and data, has been of significant success and well appreciated.

The preparation with the report is still underway as I am through the second phase of drafting and going through to ensure that it is well structured according to your needs. Therefore, it is expected to be through and ready for presentation in the next two weeks, indicating that by 17th April 2011 the report will be ready for presentation. I assume that it is a huge turn of beneficial that you have invested a lot in this report for your company. Indeed the results of the report are worthy such investment as everything has been streamlined to give a clear depth into matters and projections to do with effective communication, especially when dealing with business expansion.

The report will be of great significance when it comes to business planning and organization of various structures within the company. It will provide a clear guide through the financial standings of the company, and this will be a better stand to streamline the identified marketing organizational strategies with the main goals and objectives of the company. Therefore, it is a report that will bring value over the projected future of the identified business functions.

This is a reassurance that the report is about to be completed, and the presentation can be scheduled after 17th April 2011 according to your expediency. As a consultancy company, we value your commitment and look forward to continue providing services to you on other projects in the future. Kindly don’t hesitate to contact regarding to clarification you may be seeking. I look forward to hearing from you.



Dwyer, J., 2009, Communication in business: Strategies and skills, 4th edition, Frenchs. Forest, NSW, Australia: Pearson Education Australia, p.497