Business Law Essay Example

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Business Law


There is important principle that I was aware of in business law before the beginning of this course. These details I had learnt them earlier and developed wider perspectives from articles in the internet on different business legal issues. My knowledge of business law started when I noted that company formation was a legal undertaking and a business is taken as a legal entity. Eventually, I became aware of principles that govern partnerships and corporations. I went ahead to learn more principles as I covered a number of topics such as taxation, liabilities related to business, financial status and insolvency and other issues that pertains to moral and ethical principles. I would actually say that I had the basics knowledge and understanding of quite a number of laws that relate to commerce. I also had learnt some differences between Australia legal system and how it is applied in commercial transactions and business cases.

Majorly, I have learn a lot about the relation between law and business and a range of business areas including international principles that apply in English law and business laws that are more developed in some countries than in Australia. Specifically, I learnt in detailed manner laws relating to torts, contract, agency, intellectual property, consumer protection and fiduciary obligations. I was able to understand quite a number of Acts and mostly Corporation Act 2001 (cth). These Acts enhanced my skills in and importantly the knowledge as a basis to continue growing and increase knowledge in those areas. Through a number of units, I got enough exposure to leading professional conduct as I was able to interact with lawyers in academic field and going through a number of thesis, case laws and real-cases to note how principles are dynamically applied in different circumstances. Throughout the course, I have had opportunities to network with quite a number of legal professionals who I have always engaged when I find some issue or cases decisions tricky to understand. There are many principles I have noted that define the channel for a case and outcomes for businesses.

One principle I have found out that will impact on my practice is consistency. I have to evaluate the past cases and the way decisions were reached in the past cases to offer the most probable decision for cases that I will handle. The skills I have gained on understanding legal issue, identifying the principles that applies from Acts and Constitution, application in the case and conclusion will ensure that I attend to client issues and give a probable outcome of their cases. I will use my skills in oral advocacy and my communication skills and experiences to defend clients’ cases. My increased knowledge in business law issues will help me in providing practice and feedback competently as a legal profession. In addition, I will use teamwork skills to consult and solve problems that require collective a legal advice. I have also learnt the importance of developing original thoughts and that will improve my presentations and advocacy.