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Sixth sense technology is described as a wearable computing devise controlled by gestures. They feed the users with relevant information, and any surfaces can be turned into an interactive display. The main idea behind the sixth sense technology is that of integrating the real world or the physical world with a digital world. Through the sixth sense, device,
which is simply made up of a camera, a mobile cum computing device, a projector, and colored sensor, all the technologies that are blended together are integrated.

The device, which senses the movement of the colored markers by gestures made by hands, provides users with the ability to interact directly with the digital world. The other aims of this technology is to allow people to interact worldwide on a whole new level as information on anything that one wants can be gotten within a short while, to simplify the work of a user and bring fun and entertainment to users.

Three ways in which the input and capture of data explored by Pranav in his array of user interfaces (UI), could be used in Business Information Systems are:

  1. By use of the drawing application, one can be able to show the information that they require on any surface. For example, a wall or a paper. Business information systems can project information needed.
  2. Through sixth system, which augments physical objects, it can be used for interacting through projecting more information about these objects. This makes it easy to access information.
  3. Business information systems also use the gestural camera to present pictures taken, and incorporate them easily in the information they are producing.

An example of how UI data that could be used in
commercial database application is that of accessing time, where individuals do not have to buy a watch.

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