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ES and integration 2

Key areas of E-Health NSW system and method of integration

Key areas of E-Health NSW system and method of integration

The e-Health NSW system will integrates operations on hospital premise and from other peripheral facilities, places and organisation such as from other hospitals, from individuals and from insurance company providers. The operation from the hospital premise will be integrated shall comprise of functions of human resource department, finance department, medical procurement, logistics, patient administration, patient data management, pharmacy pathology and laboratory marketing and corporate governance. The key functional areas of the hospital are integrated (Theriault, 2014, p. 18) . In Patient management all aspects regarding patients such as patients care, billing and insurance processing. Financial management through function such as budgeting cost profitability management, financial and management accounting. From the peripheral point of view, the systems will connect to systems from other hospital systems that are in the state, insurance services from insurances companies and data from users originating from various plat forms. This means that the system will integrate technologies, data and health programmes. The figure bellows shows the key areas of integration.

Application and Data integration

Data integration will be done by use of SAP Netware platform and oracle health care integrations solutions. Through powering the application by use of application such as SAP Net Weaver platform data and application from SAP, non-sap will be integrated easily. Electronic data transfer for instance will be enabled through the SAP exchange infrastructure component of the SAP Net Weaver. The hospital processes the electronic data transfer with insurance companies using the standards based XML messaging and any other related information modelled through web services standards. Through SAP, master data management component of the SAP Net weaver platform hospitals can store, augment and consolidate master data and ensure consistent distribution to all systems and applications with the IT infrastructure. SAP master data management works across heterogeneous systems at multiple locations. The SAP Business Intelligence component of the SAP Net Weaver platform helps in data analysis and reporting. This strong warehousing infrastructure enables hospitals to collect large amount of data from both internal and external sources and be able to combine data from multiple hospitals and generate summaries. Through this mechanism, high flexible displays of data provided in an easy to handle reports will be tailored to various employees at various departments such as head physicians among others. Availability of enterprise portal capabilities through SAP Net Weaver delivers a unified view of key information aggregation from systems throughout the healthcare organisation (SAP AG, 2014, pp. 4, 5).

By use of oracle health care integration solutions, exchange of information will be possible across any healthcare application or with any other systems. this integration consist of the , oracle application server 10g that offer support for the development of application based on SOA, the oracle integration B2B, oracle health care adapter that provides support for common industry standards such as HL7 among others, oracle web service manager and business rules a technology that makes applications more agile. This single plat form will support multiple types of integration such B2B and offer support of multiple transport protocols such as SMTP, SOAP among others (ORACLE DATA SHEET, 2007, p. 2-3).


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