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Business information system: personal reflection on enterprise systems and integrated business Essay Example

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Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection: Business Information Systems

I have learned that effective implementation of Enterprise system (ES) demands proper alignment organizational requirements at all levels of vendor and customers shared understanding. I believe that capabilities of ES package and customer requirements are intertwined to bring about high quality evaluation of fit. I think that there is a greater influence on domain specific knowledge on efficiency and effectiveness of the alignment process. I now agree that many huge conglomerates have implemented ES and are in the stage of maximizing benefits and continuous improvements. I have learned that there has been a general trend towards business value enhancement, utilization and development. I learned that the success of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rest in the implementation team, evaluation of changes based on initial set of requirements and functional users undertaking stabilization and testing. I also learned that governance and goal setting for every system component was very essential.

I learned that the system needed to be benchmarked in terms of timeliness, availability, reliability and responsiveness. I believe that ethic responsibility of the company is important to improved business relations. I understand that inclusiveness, good communication and collaboration for effective teamwork. I learned that increasing system integration and standardization improved operations, information infrastructures and performance of Enterprise systems. The role of ES has been to streamline business processes, increase IT literacy, and better integrate processes, increase flexibility, increase data quality and better supplier control (Scott & Vessey, 2000). I now understand that there has been increased speed, security, reliability and interaction while processing data based on organizational structures.

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