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A Partnership with Primary Schools to Promote Multiculturalism

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A Partnership with Primary Schools to Promote Multiculturalism

Culture Involvement

Brimbank City is one of culturally diverse area in Australia. The city enjoys wide varieties of cultural resources available in different libraries within the region. The library database indicates that the facilities have cultural literature in different varieties. Ethnic communities living in the city present their cultural literature especially books as a way of promoting multiculturalism in the city and the country at large (Brimbank Libraries, 2015). For instance, Brimbank libraries have Chinese, Indian, and Vietnamese books which are available for readers. As part of promoting cultural diversity in the area, these books provide readers an opportunity to understand different elements of various ethnic groups living in the city.

From the cultural statistics in this particular city, it is clear that Brimbank hosts various and diverse ethnic communities. The population consists of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Other communities born in Australia, and various non-English speaking communities. Chinese, Indians, and Vietnamese fall under the last population group. According to the 2011 census on culture and ethnicity population in the city, non-English speaking community forms the majority in Brimbank (City of Brimbank, 2011). This aspect implies that the city has people from diverse cultures hence making this project an important initiative. Partnering with primary schools in the area seems to be the most appropriate approach for this project.

Project Marketing

The project initiators will utilise fliers in the course of marketing the initiative to the target population. Distribution of fliers will concentrate on participating primary schools in the area. This aspect will serve the purpose of informing school children on existence of the project and its aims and objective in the population. Once the school children get the information, they are more likely to spread the same to their parents hence making the initiative popular. In this case, involving the participating schools is an essential part of marketing since these institutions are the best platforms for popularizing and initiative multiculturalism. Spreading fliers in all libraries and council buildings is also another option of marketing the initiative.

Besides distributing fliers, library website is another platform for spreading a word concerning the initiative. Library website will enable all site visitors to get the information about the initiative. The advantage of library website is that it addresses wide demographic. It is through this platform that the group intends to popularise the initiative outside the Brimbank City. In addition, word of mouth is another marketing option. Participating schools and non-participating schools are the target for word of mouth marketing.

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