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Business Idea

The organic food business will target working customers who are busy and on a tight schedule hence the need to offer convenience. This requires the provision of a delivery system that caters for the customers’ busy schedules. The business will operate delivery trucks to facilitate delivery across the city on demand. The trucks will distribute the lunchboxes to offices on demand and will employ the operation of efficient drivers who will observe time and quality services. Branding the trucks with the business’ name will facilitate easy identification of the distributors and even attract new customers (Gabriel 66). This will create a routine that customers can look forward to every day, turning the business into a reliable source of healthy food. The business will also operate a physical address where stakeholders can access the physical facilities when need arises.

The business will acquire organic food from local producers and import part of the produce from agricultural zones while ensuring they all pass the organic test. This will ensure the business’ products are reliable and satisfactory to customers. Buying fresh produce and using proper storage for the produce will ensure a longer life for them until their processing (Gabriel 135). The business conducts preparation of the fresh produce into ready lunch for customers on order. This ensures that customers receive ready-to-eat food that they can eat at the comfort of their office. Food preparation will occur on order to eliminate wastage of food by preparing more than the demand.

Communication is a crucial element for this business and it will ensure the creation of a comprehensive communication system. An online platform will facilitate communication with customers by allowing them to make orders online and make payment online. They can also pay cash on delivery upon confirming the delivery of their orders. Mobile applications will also facilitate the ordering process by improving convenience of placing orders for food. Proper communication will enable customers make a comprehensive description of their order according to their preferences (Gabriel 97). They can also communicate their complaints and offer feedback through the same channels ensuring a healthy relationship with the company. Following orders to the letter is important to ensure customer satisfaction hence gain and maintain their loyalty.

Competitive advantage will facilitate penetration of the company into the hospitality industry and facilitate its acceptance by customers (Gabriel 122). Time management is compulsory for employees of the company since the food has to reach customers at the required time, which will create a positive image for the company. This will indicate respect to the busy schedule of customers and ensure they do not waste time waiting for their lunch. Food processing should therefore occur in advance to avoid colliding with delivery time. Quality is another selling point that will require the company to standardize its products and ensure they all possess high quality. Reliability will contribute to a positive reputation for the business and will attract a high market share. Branding of both delivery trucks and lunchboxes will ensure the company stands out and enable easy identification from a distance. Through these operational plans, the business will easily enter the market and maintain a successful profile.

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