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Fleetwood Company Analysis


Fleetwood Company has a set of managers and directors who are dedicated and efficient in serving the business. Under the leadership of Michael Hardy, who chairs the board, the executives ensure that they put the company’s interest first before anything else. Michael is known as the practical man who pushes everyone in his team to do the best they can and deliver. He is described as an authoritarian leader. This is a critical aspect in a leader to ensure that all employees live up to their expectation in the company
(Abratt and Kleyn, 2012). Other board members include Greg Ted and John Bond.The current managing director is Brand Denison, appointed in August 2014 as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. With many years of experience, Mr. Brad is in a position to spearhead the company into the right direction a very critical thing for any business that wants to prosper. He is described as a rational man. Mr. Denison tackles issues in a way that is calm and direct. The company executive is also fully dedicated and committed to its employees and clients well-being and ensures that each part is well taken care of always (Ebrahiminejad and Zeynali, 2014). It acts as a bridge that connects the two parties whenever the need arises. This has seen the expansion and continual rise of Fleetwood as they tackle risk and challenges at hand to ensure that the company continues prospering and scaling greater heights of success

Mission, Values, and Culture

A mission statement provides the question of what business a company is in, while a vision provides strategic direction to achieve the future company’s goals (Babnik, Breznik, Dermol, and Trunk, 2014). The company’s mission is to maximize its financial goals through the provision of genuine products and services by establishing a strong relationship with its customers and stakeholders. Its vision is to see Fleetwood conquer new territories and spread its wings far and wide. Fleetwood values the support it receives from its stakeholders and customers and believes that they should live up to the goals and values set by the company. To Fleetwood, honesty and integrity are essential in a good performance that no company can brush aside.It also knows that it has a commitment to the general public to protect its surrounding and appreciate them for their continued growth. The company thus do not take for granted the surrounding they are in and strive to ensure that they keep it clean. Their mission is to grow financially to expand its wings and also appreciate its stakeholders and employers. The company also values diversity and have employees from all walks of life. It acknowledges that there are different cultures with a various belief system and way of doing things and respect that. The culture that is present in the company gives it a good image as one that is not discriminative or biased thus it appeals more to its customers and employees who would like to be identified with its positive attributes (Sparrow, 2013). The company is well known for its diverse workforce that brings people from all walks of life together forming a compact team whose primary goal is excellent results.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fleetwood has a corporate social responsibility to the people. It is known as one of the companies that protect their surrounding by ensuring that the water used in the company is recycled and other waste products are disposed of safely that it does not become a health hazard and dangerous to the people located near its companies (Schneider and Schmidpeter, 2012). Up to 65% of the water used in the company is recycled, and the one that is taken out is well treated. For instance, when there was a complaint of pouring waste into the surrounding Fleetwood took it seriously and put in a mechanism to ensure that they do not dirty the surrounding but incorporated measures to ensure that they rose to be one of the environmental friendly companies in Australia. This move by the management was wise and gave the company a positive image as the community surrounding it could identify with it more and not fear for their lives (Carroll, 2015). Fleetwood also takes it as a social responsibility to give back to its community by offering job opportunities to the locals and quality and affordable products to the people. It lends a hand to the community through periodic community service and takes part in the community activities as one of them. Fleetwood realizes and understands that it has a social responsibility to its community and do not wait to be reminded of their role in the community

Employee Benefits and Attributes

Fleetwood employees are highly efficient having been equipped with risk management, problem-solving skills, and expertise in their different fields (Breaugh, 2014). Their staff are entirely dedicated to the company’s well-being. The teamwork experienced in the company makes it well efficient and ensures that their production is in time. The Employees are also well paid and taken care of; their wages are relatively higher than those of their competitors giving them access to a highly efficient workforce. The employees are well taken care of and thus strive to ensure that the company’s goals and mission are adhered to and achieved. Salary of the employees are paid in time they are also motivated from time to time and coming up with new ideas and innovations is rewarded, making the employees always on toes as they strive to put their best foot forward to ensure that they get the rewards offered by the company (Sackett and Walmsley 2014). Employees are employed on a merit basis, and thus they are qualified for the positions they have and have the skills required to perform the tasks they are given. Discrimination of gender race or religion is not allowed creating a healthy environment for work. Thus an employee who is academically qualified a team player, who works and minimum supervision and delivers quality products will be very comfortable working at Fleetwood


Fleetwood has shown that it is a company that aims at producing good results and can be integrated into the society. It offers job opportunities to hundreds of people in Australia and New Zealand which in turn help them take care of their families thus the continual success of the company means continued success of its employees and all who benefit from it in one way or another.


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