Business ethics- the arguments of De George and James Essay Example

Business еthiсs

“Employees owe their employers loyalty and obedience; therefore, they should never blow the whistle.” In response to this question I will apply a case of Mr.
Michael a director of a substance abuse treatment program offering both outpatient and residential services and supervises other four social workers.

One of the social workers Mrs. Jane claims that the director is misappropriating funds allocated to them by a health agency. According to Jane, Michael is using a lot of the funds to for his travels and buying expensive furniture in his office. She is not sure about her ethical duty but very angry about Michael’s unethical behaviour. Jane is very reluctant to notify the public about Michael’s misconduct. She is afraid that blowing the whistle will about Michael’s behaviour may be disruptive and paralyses financial operations of the organization.

Generally, whistle blowing entails a choice of either keeping quiet or fully disclose the collegial misbehaviour. According to Dе Gеоrgе аnd Jаmеs the workers should approach their misbehaving fellow and try to solve the problem formally. If this approach fails, then they are obliged to consider a more assertive step that may entail whistle blowing by notifying the right people or organizations that are in a position to fully address the issue.

The decision to blow the whistle can be a very difficult step but in case an attempt to solve the problem amicably fails, it remains the only option. Whistle blowing may help to protect clients and the agencies but can also have negative effects on colleague’s careers and morale and even to the whistle blowers themselves.

Dе Gеоrgе аnd Jаmеs argues that before blowing the whistle, the worker must consider the possible consequences of their decision and the extent to which their evidence is based. They should give priority to other alternatives for instance mediation, continuous education, etc. they must be sure to the extent by which whistle blowing will effectively result into a meaningful improvement and change.

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