Business-create and use spreadsheets

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Assignment 2

Multiple choice questions

Q1: [B] Publishing

Q2: [C] The cell holding the cursor

Q3: [C] =A9/B9

Q4: [C] a row/column intersection

Q5: [C] Savings on disk space

Q6: [A] Range

Q7: [D] =Sum(A1+A2+A3)

Q8: [C] B2: B7

Q9: [A] The help facility provided by the program

Q10: [D] F1

Q11: Three tasks undertaken by electronic spreadsheets

  • Organize information into rows and columns

  • Perform complex calculations and statistics

  • Create charts to display relationships between values

Q12: Excel formula =SUM (A1: A6) does the addition of values that appear in range in the column A from cell A1 up to cell A6. It then gives the answer in the cell A7. For example, if A1 has value (4) and also the following; A2(5), A3(6), A4 (8), A5 (2), A6 (9) then =SUM(A1:A6) gives a value of 34 in cell A7.