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Aspects of etiquette that must be followed when writing a business email

A number of email etiquette rules apply to nearly all companies. To start with, a business email must be concise and to the point. The email should also be written using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. An email should never be sent with a blank subject line. The subject line must be clear, accurate and concise. In addition, the subject line must address the content of the email appropriately to make it meaningful. The subject line might be clear to the writer yet ambiguous to the reader when read outside the context of the message itself (Rylance 2012, p. 131). Care also has to be taken when writing such as when using abbreviations and emoticons. Formatting is also important especially when different fonts and colours are used. It is important to use a color that is easy to read on the background. Along the same line, it is also important to avoid writing emails in capital letters. Using capital letters can be likened to shouting (Smallwood 2008, p. 48).Equally important is the need to add a disclaimer to the email. Adding a disclaimer to a business email helps to protect the company from liability, especially when many people send external emails from the same organisation (Smallwood 2008, p. 50). If an email has to be sent with accompanying files, only the relevant files that are mentioned in the email should be attached. Unnecessary files should not be attached.

To ensure that all these details are clear, it is very important to proofread the email before sending it to check if everything is clear.


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