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Business Communication

Question 1- Good News business letter format

334 Queensland

Mob: 07456735

Email: [email protected]

17th April 2014


Federation University Australia

MT HELEN Vic 3350


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Queensland Masters College to seek for the permission to use some of the university facilities, specifically the swimming pool. Fellow students have expressed the desire touse the University pool. This is because the pool is well maintained, clean and wide enough; therefore it can well suit their needs.

As part of our course we are required to hold a social event outside the school so as to help the students boost their experience and put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom. For this reason the school scheduled to hold a social function on Friday 25 April 2014 which will involve swimming. The social functionwill involve activities such as;-

  • Inter-classes swimming competition

  • Learn more swimming techniques and,

  • Practice different swimming styles or strokes

Some of the swimming strokes that the students are expecting to learn include; — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and the sidestroke among others. Most of the students are beginners as far as swimming practical lessons are concerned and hence it isour humble request that you will grant us some of your swimming pool staff to assist our student during the function.

On behalf of the students’fraternity, we highly hope to get the chance and have a feel of the practicability of what we learn in our classes. Moreover, it has always been a desire to most of us to visit the University and this will provide us with an ample opportunity to interact with students from your university.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to your favourable consideration. Wewill be glad if granted the permission.


John Max.

Question 2- Bad News business letter format

Unisports Federation University Australia, University Drive

MT HELEN Vic 3350

19 April 2014

Mr John Farrar

The Dean of students

58 Main Street

MT HELEN Vic 4350


Dear max,


Referring to your letter dated 19 April 2014, am glad to acknowledge the expressed interest to use the university’s swimming pool. It is our joy that you have always wanted to pay us a visit and interact with our students. In addition we would like to congratulate you for the good work you have been doing as evidenced in your recent excellent performance in various fields. The university look forward to have an interactive session with you.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere inability to grant you permission to use the pool on that particular day (Friday 25 April 2014) you had requested. This is because on Friday is the Anzac day and the pool will remain closed for the whole day. The management tried to consider all possibilities on how to allow you on that day but the efforts bore no fruits. Another reason that led to the decline of the request was the type of the event that you had proposed to hold. Swimming pool management claimed that they would not have been able to give you some of the staffs on that day. This is because the staff will have taken the University students to a national swimming competition away from the institution.

We highly apologize for any inconvenience caused; however, we would like to advise you to place another request early next month. The University will also be glad to host you and more so have an interactive session with your students.

We value you and hope you will find another time and hold the event in the university.

Yours sincerely,

Mr John Farrar

Dean of students

Question 3-Email

Date: 24 April 2014

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Assignment Submission and Appreciations for the Course Well taught so far

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your excellent work in taking us through this course. It has been a very smooth time as you employed your well-informedproficiency in teaching us various spectacular matters as pertains to the course. At first it seemed as a nightmare to me, but with your expertise in this profession I have genuinely loved the course. I say thank you once again.

Regarding the assignment you had requested us to do; I have worked on it to the best of my knowledge and employing the resources obtained during the classwork. Though it has not been very easy, but it has engaged me more in doing further research that has enabled me to expand my knowledge and understanding of the topic. I have really enjoyed the topic about communication and more specifically the writing of business letters and emails. However, I would wish to recommend that during such topics we could be taken to a particular organisation and be shown practical letters that have been written by the company to other companies or by clients to the company.

Once again I express my heart felt appreciationsfor the course work well taught and I look forward to enjoying more of your lessons. Thank you.

Attached are the two business letters for your evaluation.