Business analsis only question 4

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Question 4

To ensure that the most qualified person takes the position of manager for the new restaurant (or either restaurant as required by Frank’s daughter), Frank should put in place a system where all the three individuals (his son, daughter and Ed Tobor) apply for the job. As noted by the University of Canberra (2016, p. 172), although there are no rules that dictate how family businesses should employ, there is need to “set employment conditions that do not discriminate against or favour family members.” The same source notes that setting employment conditions can help create an environment of impartiality and motivation for the entire workforce of the family business. Therefore, Frank should think of a system by which the job can be advertised so that all those who want it, specifically his son and daughter as well as Ed Tobor who has been assistant manager in the business for 14 years, can apply for the job. To make the process fair, Frank should consider using an external firm to conduct the recruitment and selection process. The firm will then objectively examine the three candidates and select the best person for the job based on the knowledge and expertise that he or she will bring to the business as a restaurant manager.


University of Canberra 2016, Small business management in the 21st century, University of Canberra, Canberra.