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Business administration-deliver and monitor a service to customers

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Customer Service Delivery and Monitoring

Customer Assistance

When the client calls, I would first greet him and acknowledge his efforts for calling. I would salute him (“Hallo! Good morning Sir!”), mention my organization (“Warm Haven Guest House!”), give my complete name, (“This is Ben Jones”) and offer to assist (“How can I help you?”). This salutation will give the customer enough necessary information, develop a good feeling about the call and confirm to that he is talking to the right person. According to Garber and Peter (30), building a rapport involves finding out the customer’s interest and developing a dialogue on the subject of his/her interest. Rapports serves to set the stage for a business discussion and subsequently follow as part of service delivery. The following steps would help me to create a good relationship with the customer.

  1. First get the customer’s name instead of other details like their telephone numbers and address.

  2. Start the conversation with a smile since the customer can notice it in the tone of my voice.

  3. Find a common interest with the client sharing their priorities.

  4. Restatement, the message of the client and end with a closed-ended question, to confirm you got the message right.

  5. Taking possession of the customer’s state of affairs by using words like, “I’ll personally take care of …” Such statements will also help me to be assertive to the customer.

  6. I would make my language simple to ensure that the customer understands everything.

  7. By avoiding distractions by listening and concentrating on the caller and his conversation. As the client speaks, I would respond with gentle hums to show them that I pay attention to their conversation.

To assist the client and his party, I would enquire all the details of the services they would need during their family reunion. In the case of any particular need by the customer, I would promise to look at the make arrangements to meet those needs. I would then send a price proposal and quotation letter. In the message, I will first acknowledge the customer by thanking him for considering our guest house for his services followed by the costs and details of the services requested.

Interpersonal skills help one to get along well with others (Rankin and Shumack 8). Excellent interpersonal skills will make the customers feel more satisfied and pleased. In this particular case, the interpersonal relationships that I would use are:

  1. Clarity of speech

  2. Remaining tranquil

  3. Being polite

  4. Active listening

Questions to determine the customer’s needs

In this particular case, it will be imperative to create a guest profile describing the requirements of all the guests. The guest profile will indicate the types of services that Bill Spark and his party will require such as meals, laundry services, and transport. The profile will also help to establish any unique service that the party would need. The following questions will contribute to creating a comprehensive guest profile for Bill Sparks.

  1. How long your guests will be staying?

  2. Will your companies stay alone, share a room or come along with a partner?

  3. What is the purpose of your family’s visit?

  4. At what time of the year will do you plan to visit?

  5. What is the level of luxury that your family will require?

  6. What special services or facilities do they need?

  7. How much are you willing to pay?

To handle the customer’s request about the discount, I would give the details of the exclusive and group discounts available for the accommodation facilities. I would also give the details of the seasonal SPA packages and their available discounts. Finally, I would guide the customer in choosing an appropriate discount package for his guests.

Based on the multiple tasks to execute, I would tag all the requests with deadlines depending on the urgency and value of the tasks. I would then complete the work in the order, starting with those having the lowest period stamp. Using the modern technology, I would have a system to notify the request that is about to meet the deadlines and reorganize myself if necessary to meet the time frames.

Conversation to Reschedule an Appointment

Me: Hello, Galore, this is Ben Jones from Warm Haven Guest House calling.

Galore: Yes, this is Diamonds Galore speaking.

Me: I called you concerning massage treatment today.

Galore: Yes, I look forward to receiving a high-quality service.

Me: I’m afraid our masseuse in the SPA is sick. Would you like to reschedule your massage treatment?

Galore: Actually, I had scheduled today for the massage treatment, and I might not be able to reorganize my schedule.

Me: That’s unfortunate and I’m very sorry for the inconveniences. However, if you book another massage today, you will receive a 40% discount.

Galore: Great, is it possible to book one on Tuesday?

Me: I’m afraid other clients have booked our services that day. Can you book on Wednesday?

Galore: Unfortunately, I have other commitments that day. How about Friday?

Me: Yes, that can be possible.

Galore: Great! Should I come by 2.pm?

Me: Yes, that will be okay. I’ll schedule that. Mr. Galore at on Friday 2.pm… Is there something else I can help you?

Galore: No, I think that’s all. Thank you for your help. Goodbye

Me: Goodbye

A report on the conversation with Mrs. Tawfik

After Mrs. Tawfik had arrived to check in at Warn Haven Guest House, our rooms were not ready, and it would be our staff a couple of hours to complete the task. She was very upset since she was exhausted and tired after long travel. I had to apologize on behalf of the management for the inconveniences. To compensate for the time she had to wait, I gave her discounts on the charges per room. I also passed a recommendation to the management to have the proper arrangement and have all rooms prepared some hours earlier before customers check in.

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