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Table of Contents


3 Types of Food

4 Canteen Staff and Customers

4 Employees

4 Students

5 Conclusion

5 Recommendations


Business Admin- Produce Simple Word Processed Documents 3This report mainly examines and reports on the facilities of the students’ cafeteria.

A tour of the coffee shop, a sampling of the food, talking to staff, and filling of the questionnaire by the students were the primary methods of collecting the information.

Types of Food

There are two types of food in the student’s canteen namely cold food and hot food. Raw food comprises of:

  • Assorted salads

  • Assorted sandwiches

  • Assorted Yoghurt

Cakes – pastries – bars – confectionary

The hot meals consist of:

  • Fish and chips

They make the pies, fish, and chips in advance and keep them warm. However, they are always fresh.

Canteen Staff and Customers

The canteen staff comprises of three employees, and the primary customers are the students.


The employees are very friendly to clients and industrious. To cope with the peak times, lunch time and morning tea, they must cook ahead of time and keep the food warm.

To maintain cleanliness in the canteen, they clean the tables, chairs, and floors every morning and afternoon. It is hard for them to tidy up the restaurant during peak hours.


The cafeteria serves approximately one hundred and fifty students. Out of the customers, only fifty students filled the questionnaires.

From their response, they only eat the hot food during the early hours of the day since they complain that they find it greasy and dry if eaten later in the day. They also find “Soup as a meal” delicious and are happy with the cold food selection. They are also satisfied with the hot and cold drinks available.

They find the canteen clean and tidy at 8.00am. However, they say that from close midday on it is very messy, as all staff members are occupied serving food and no one clears the table.


The food served by the canteen is acceptable except for the fish, chips, and pies. The restaurant tables have a lack of cleanliness problem. (The food preparation areas comply with correct food handling standards)


We recommend that cafeteria employs two more workers for three hours a day from 11.00am to 2.00pm to:

  • Help with the cleaning and tidying of the tables, chairs and floors and bins are required.

  • Help with serving the customers