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Question one

Nowadays, the human resource management of various companies is using the internet in selection of employees. The internet has made the work easier for them. All they have to do is post a detailed job description into their websites for potential employees to see and post their resumes. As a result, they select potential employees from the posted resumes and contact them for recruitment and interview process. This reduces cases of individuals having to travel to the respective companies dropping their resumes but fail to get the employment at the end of it all. It also saves time for the HRM in the event that they need to select and recruit as fast as possible (Losey 2005). The internet has also proven to be cost effective in the selection process of employees.

Question two

Companies hat are inherently dangerous should focus on the safety and health of their employees and individuals living in the neighborhood. An example of such industries is those industries that emit poisonous waste materials including the exhaust fumes. Such waste materials could be harmful to employees or other individuals if they are constantly exposed to them. Such industries should, therefore, come up with preventive measures and safety precautions including safety gears for their employees. They should also ensure that they establish their industries far away from the people in the neighborhood.

Question three

An effective selection system consist several features. One of them is the description of the vacant position including how the jobs should be performed to enhance success. The second one is the description of the required skills, required knowledge and the personal characteristics that potential employees should have. Thirdly, it should include all the selection criteria including all the characteristics an individual should have incase they are hired. Fourthly, it should have an objective and a systematic procedure to select the candidates. To ensure selection success, an organization should ensure that they avail all the required information about the respective job to the public. The information should reach out to many potential employees for the organization to select from the best.


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