BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability Essay Example

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Microsoft Workplace Sustainability Policy

Microsoft’s workplace sustainability policies entail the use of information technology to improve energy efficiency and the advancement in technology, the enhancement in research breakthrough as well as having a responsibility in environmental leadership. Strategies targeting to enhance energy efficiency include using information technology to reduce energy consumption, establishment of carbon emission tracking services and applications and creating an IT utilizing ecosystem (Microsoft Corporation, 1). Strategies that help in achieving research breakthrough include enabling fundamental improvements in science, creation of models to comprehend climatic changes and the provision of computing power for the scientific community. Responsible environmental leadership entails reduction of Microsoft`s carbon footprint, optimization of the supply chain and the reduction of environmental impact.

According USDL, Microsoft’s policies that demonstrate the significance of sustainability in business advancement include cost minimization, risk mitigation, a widely growing share as well as having a social responsibility to the immediate community (1). The company targets to monitor the carbon emissions and environmental condition by reducing energy demands, managing environmental footprint as well as rethinking business practices. Communication procedures used in minimizing environmental impacts entailed holding virtual meetings with unified communications and online conferencing, reduction on daily commuting of employees through flew-work policy and unified communication.

However, Microsoft has bi-electric hybrid coaches to shuttle employees in Shanghai while Puget Sound workers take a connector bus to reduce a substantial distance of travel daily. Microsoft has a responsibility to devise a plethora of strategies targeting to enhance the existing sustainability policy. Server utilization is one of the mechanisms that can help achieve the ultimate goal of this technological company. Using virtual technologies allow a datacenter to consolidate multiple workloads per server while maintaining isolation of each workload from 15% to 50% (Microsoft Corporation, 2). This strategy significantly saves energy and reduces carbon output.

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