BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Essay Example

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SWOT Analysis


  • Experienced training staff.

  • Customers are familiar with the staff members or trainers.

  • The company has retained the staff for quite long time-period


  • Unregistered Professionals.

  • Fitness trainers do not provide any insurance coverage.

  • It is difficult for the fitness trainers to get hired in other organizations.


  • Gym instructors or trainers can qualify Cert III

  • Trainers can qualify Cert IV

  • The trainers can receive the professional certification.

  • Can easily lose job in case of customer dissatisfaction.

  • Unable to get any promotion and insurance coverage.

  • Unable to access the resources as well as future training.

External Environment trends: New Competitors that are specialized in providing diverse kinds of training like, functional training, bootcamps, team training, MMA. The new methods will provide the ability to the trainers to fulfil these customer requirements.

Some of the reasons that led to these operational change requirements entail:

Performance Gaps

There is a different budget for fitness education of each employee depending on the requirement of certification. However, there is a difference in the wages because that depends on the relative designation, qualification, experience, and performance of an employee. Therefore, performance gaps are one of the reasons.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are other reasons that led the company to perceive requirement for change. Some of these business opportunities entail:

  • Retaining customers. Qualified and motivated staff will help in satisfying customers in a better way, which in turn helps in retaining them for longer time-period.

  • Exhibiting the employee or trainer profile to the customers. This also needs a good qualifications and certifications of trainers that influence customers and leave lasting impact on them.

  • Development of new market strategies. This will help the company in getting competitive advantage.

  • Standardization of the profile of employees, which further helps in making new customers and retaining the existing for longer time-period. This means it helps in gaining the customer confidence.

The priority will be decided on the basis of the degree of relevance of the changes for the business operations of the company as well as for the strategy that it wishes to continue in future. From the case, it can be seen that the company wishes to change its business strategy from being a fitness center customizing its services based upon the local needs (localization business approach) to wanting to become a unified organization having the standard service offering across its chain.




Daily or more than once a week

Discussing the daily progress of the plan development, implementation and control

Change Management team members

Receiving information regarding the change plan development


Monthly or on a need basis

Informing about the plan, changes that will take place, the results and their risk

Executive Managers

Change Plan details and awareness sessions– What changes, why and how. After the change management plan is developed and during the implementation phase.

All the employees

The plan for communicating the actual plan with the employees is as follows:



Build up for the event

To increase the curiosity and interest of the employees, different flyers are placed on a daily basis, which would contain clues or hints about what positive changes are there to ensue. The content will be advertising in nature.


A major event that will be held across all the centers at the same time through video conferencing. Here the change plan will be explained and the concerns of the employees will be addressed.

Individual sessions

As a follow-up to the townhall, the managers will address their teams after a few days to further clarify the new direction and its impact. Multiple such sessions can take place in order to clarify.

Grievance redressal

Employees are allowed to address their grievances either to their managers or directly to the change management teams.

Feedback sessions

Change management team comes in contact with the managers regularly to determine the feedback about the employees’ reaction.

Risks that can be encountered are:

Mitigation Strategy

Non-cooperation and unwillingness of the trainers to get certified

Discussion with the trainers and understanding the reason behind their resistance and trying to help them out in case of problems. Worst case scenario: hiring new trainers.

After trainers receive their certifications at company’s expense, they leave

Essential to have contract with the trainers and have provisions for leaving- for example, the provision could be if the trainers leave the job within one year of the certification, they will have to reimburse the certification cost to the company

Part 3: Role Play

Participants: Team members of the Change Management Group (2), Managers (2)

The change management teach members are discussing with the managers their outlook for the changes that they will be bringing about.

TM1 / TM2:

Getting registered with Fitness Australia is the way forward for Bounce fitness, as it will allow it to become a part of a highly standardized and reputed group of fitness professionals, which has become absolutely necessary to ensure a uniform service to the customers as well as allowing the company to charge more premium. It will even impart the company opportunity to expand its business. However, it will require the trainers to get certified. What do you think their reaction will be?

M1 / M2: On one hand it is beneficial for them as it will upgrade their knowledge to the latest accepted levels in Australia fitness industry, allowing them to develop their own skills as well. However, they might need extra motivation from the organizations. Some of them are quite experienced and they might not be willing to change their methods.

TM1/TM2 How do you propose their resistance should be handled?

M1/M2: Explaining them the benefits that it holds for them could be a starting point. Also, since it is done completely on company’s expense this can be another important criteria for motivating them to undertake the certification.