BSBHRM602 Manage human resources strategic planning Essay Example

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Human Rеsоurсеs Strаtеgiс Рlаnning


Human resource is a fundamental aspect of an organization’s management system as it involves the use of both human power and intelligence to get things done. In many organizations, the Department of Human resource always takes care of all the employees and other matters that pertain to the people working either on full time or part time basis. Therefore, there is a growing need to strategically plan for such an important aspect of an organization’s development. Additionally, this planning always takes place in a systematic manner in order to cope with the changing environmental, legal, social and corporate issues. This however does not influence the continuity of an organization’s strategic plan.

HR strategy at University of Western Australia

At the University of Western Carolina, there is a well-developed strategic plan focusing on the human resource system being a fundamental influence on the university’s operations. The strategy seeks to bring on board a better practice of human resource management in a bid to enhancing the university’s excellence on all matters. Moreover, the strategy envisions to make the University of Western Carolina a nationally and internationally recognized to be an employer of choice as well as a model that represent best human resource practices and management. Furthermore, the plan focuses on such objectives as improving the university’s external relations, research training resourcing, staffing as well as management. Moreover, the strategy outlines an operational priority plan that ensures a systematic way of doing things, sourcing for staffs as well as remunerating them in a timely and organized way.

How this HR Strategy support the business plan

The systematic manner in which staffing is done comes with it a quality value that impacts positively on the business plan. Additionally, positive external and internal relations provide a favorable business environment both for the university and its partners hence a plus on the business plan. In addition, the plan focused on achieving the organization’s goals among them being sustainable business operations, hence posing a value to the business plan.

Strategic Direction, Objectives and Targets

The University is driven by the mission and vision statements; however, this specific strategy helps in spearheading the implementation of such vision ad mission as a way of fast-tracking the development process. Moreover, this strategy tends to create a difference between the 1999-2001 plans and the 2016-2019 plans that is current. Moreover, the issue ids to provide a well-defined transition formula to help in the movement process without jeopardy.

Internal and external environment factors that led to the development and review of the policies

Among other factors that saw the review and development of the new strategic plan, modernization was a key influence due to the quest for a new way of doing things, additionally, the need to have a working public relations plan made it necessary to have a new strategy put in place. Moreover, internal conflicts also raised increased the need for a new blue print that could solve these issues and ensure a systematic manner in which the staffs are manages, motivated, remunerated and promoted.

 Legal and technological requirements that had impact on HR plan

As art of protecting the staff, the management had the chance to come up with legal and technological measures to impact positively on the human resource system (Ulrich, 105). As part of the new plan, there is existing policy framework that gives direction on matters staff promotion and transfer. Moreover, there is existing training and research interventions to improve the technological know-how of the employees.

Human Resources Philosophies, Values, and Policies

In a bid to managing the staff, there is a need to having set values and policies that give direction to the employees. Among them include, time consciousness, anticorruption policy, team work as well as integrity. Integrity in a key value that ensures the staff and other stakeholders maintain truthfulness in their engagements. Additionally, the anticorruption policy also gives direction on the consequences of such acts.


Among other issues, it is important the university considers having a well outlined public participation program in order to enhance integration in the university management and decision-making process. This means that the staff and other stakeholders will; have joint public participation meetings as a way of participating on matters that concern their welfare. Additionally, it is important for the university to have a set public hearing committee that will address issues of the staff and take them through disciplinary issues with set well informed consequences.


The significance of human resource management is linked to the functions of employees in ensuring both economic and social-cultural interventions of the any organization and specifically to the University of West California. According to the analysis, there is an impact of cultural planning on the economic structure and performance of the University-based organization that tends to educate the society. Cultural structure of the society as determined by the cultural beliefs, norms and religion amount is determined by human resource management for the societies.

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