Brooke’s Postings Misunderstandings and misperceptions 

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Brooke’s Postings Misunderstandings and misperceptions 

Parrots Twitter Post Misunderstandings and misperceptions

TheBrooke’s post is based on the events that followed the parrot’s club tweeter automatic messaging to all the members who ever retweeted to their posts. The automated message was unspecified to anyone who has ever in their lives retweeted on any parrots twitter account post. Their move was meant to all twitter subscribers, regardless of the clubs they support (Kerpen, 2011). The parrots twitter account was meant to celebrate their one million tweeter followers. Which was to alert all their followers, including their non-fans.

The misunderstanding arose when the parrots non followers receives the automated message to them, the non-followers were agitated by the move, with some terming it as a hate message on racial terms. One of the nonmembers posted a message in response to the parrot’s message, a racial message which sparked the twitter to post negative and racial tweets and retweets to the parrots twitter accounts (Kerpen, 2011). . The parrots twitter personnel misunderstood that not all the twitter retweets were made by the parrots followers and fans.

As Kerpen (2011) asserts, the misconception was perceived by the parrot’s non followers who received the message on the parrot’s one million twitter followers. The non-followers perceives the messaging to them as a ridicule especially those who their teams had not reached the one million twitter followers mark. The parrots twitter account personnel similarly perceives wrongly the way the followers and non-followers.

As Kerpen (2011) chronicles, the non-followers of the parrots team saw the team jersey on the background of the messages and got agitated by the move by the club, the social media slant was made worse when each of the two sides of the followers clashed on the twitter. The parrots twitter message and the parrot’s spokesman made mistake, by putting the back of the messages having the parrot’s jersey. This move escalated the hatred between the twitter nom followers, and the move could be avoided buy only sending the automatic message to the followers only.


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