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Communicating brand information to prospective customers of Pasta Amore is important. The final design of the Pasta Amore brochure was informed by following factors;

Simplicity of the design layout

The layout of the PDF is simple with the back ground being consistent throughout the pages. The pictures of ripe tomatoes, leaves and the tomato branch are clearly captured on the background which clearly portrays the heart of the brand. Tomato is the symbol of the logo and its clear appearance on the background communicates brand information about the adoption of traditional ingredients in their dishes. The application of tomatoes on the background also which is a common and recognizable branding mark which emphasizes the mission of Pasta Amore of providing a warm atmosphere for your family. Also the freshness of the tomatoes and branch captures the heart of Pasta Amore to provide fresh, fun and food filled with love.

The primary colors chosen for the brochure are marinara red and leafy green which represent corporate colors and make the brochure cheaper to print. The alternative logo with white and black color is standardized to allow room for further variations.

Use of pictures

The pictures of dishes used in the brochure represent the different types of dishes served by Pasta Amore. The essence of having these pictures in the brochure is to create a unique typography with pictures. The different colors on the pictures give each a unique look with enough size to attract the customer.

The layout of the brochure is designed in such a way that the pictures complement the descriptions of the dishes. The descriptions have a specific font and formatting. The information is centered to give an appealing, short and easy to read descriptions. The font used is easily readable making it easy for the customers to read through the menu.

The brand personality informed the choice of the design in many ways which include, the choice language used in the brochure (English and Italian) to reflect the Italian culture and tradition. Also the name Pasta Amore has an Italian touch. The choice of tomatoes on the background which is an Italian ingredient was critical since it expresses the combination of tradition, ingredient and creativity in the design. The adoption of the pictures of the dishes offered was important because it gives information about the food for customers who don’t understand Italian names. For example the Cioppino is easily understood on the picture. By adopting the Sans serif fonts, makes the descriptions legible and clearly seen throughout the brochure to increase brand memorability. The use of bold fonts on the headings of the brochure makes it friendly and customers will be relaxed when reading with the logo having different colors to capture the customers’ attention.

The design, font, formatting and style used in the brochure is compatible with the current desktop publishing software available in the market with high quality work.

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