Brita marketing strategy

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Brita marketing strategy

This is a company with origins from German-founded, back in 1966 by Heinz Hankammer. It is associated with the production of household water filters. In order to make up for their decline in returns, various problems had to be highlighted and adoption of better marketing strategies.

Issues are seen in the case

  1. Brita lacked the necessary creativity and innovation on their products.

  2. The competition was stronger in implementing better competitive strategy giving them an early head start.

  3. A gap on relationship between Brita and its customers

Remedy to the above issues

  1. Through creativity, the introduction of new ways to promote a sense of health awareness to the consumer will make people be more inclined to pay more to ensure a safe and wellbeing of their health. This will target families.

  2. Adoption of a much more solid competitive analysis and strategies that will have them more conscious of the market changes. This includes the products in the market and also the market competitors in general. This will ensure a continuous competitive advantage. The competitive analysis may be achieved through the following steps:

  • Knowing your competitors

  • Identifying their strategies

  • Understanding their strength and weakness

  • Estimating their reactions to their efforts

  1. To deal with the “leaky bucket,” development of a consumer behavioral model to help understand and connect with the consumer part of the market. This will define the consumers’ behavior, likely problems or even their motivating factor.

  2. By adopting the Aaker’s approach a comprehensive strategic analyzing consisting of both external and internal analysis will be made proving to be a smarter approach to understanding the market and the company better