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Brief Commentary on Topics Affecting Men

Analysis on the topic of what affects men, either positively according to a research taken by indicate that men are not robot and they may also have feelings on what makes the, happy about being men and what makes it difficult for them to act manly to the outside world. One of the themes that was clearly seen according to my commentary if the theme of freedom. Most men indicated that they find it interesting to be men in the society because of the freedom that comes with manhood. For instance, no man has ever been called a slut, in many cases having more than one woman makes you more of a man unlike the scenario that a woman is found with more than one man. A man can also go to the street topless despite having a hairy chest, hairy back and will not cause an incident be questioned of his morals (Levs, 2015). Additionally, men take the world as their ‘large restroom’. This is because men can afford to help themselves anywhere without causing a scandal. Most men also enjoyed being men because they could misbehave publicly and still be seen ‘heroes’ in the case scenario. Take an example of a man who is drunk and goes for a short call in the middle of the street and at the same time shouting his lungs off. This is termed as normal, but in the case that a woman does this, she makes the headlines of how spoilt the world is becoming. Furthermore, the joy of being a man is seen in the fact that men do not experience the troubles of having pain at childbirth, experiencing menstruation or having to look after children most of the times (Blair, 2014). Men can choose to enjoy themselves with friends bowling to midnight and no one will suffer unlike if a woman enjoys herself to midnight.

Apart from the fact that men enjoy being men, they also face hard times in their lives as men. The main theme that occurred in this commentary about what men find difficult in being a man today is expectations or dependence (Levs, 2015). As a man, one is the head in most of the aspects in life. For instance, the whole family expect the man in the family to act naturedly, it is very hard for a man to express his feelings openly and has to keep the feelings to himself. Moreover, men are expected to spearhead everything. For example, a man enters the bar and finds a woman sitter, he is expected to great the attractive stranger and failure to do this, he is risking being called weird (Blair, 2014). Men are also expected to do most of the risky jobs in the house, for example if the door is knocked at the middle of the night, it is the man’s job to see who it is, also in case of an electric failure it is the man’s job to fix the failure. The other sensitive fact that most men dislike about being men is the fact that men have to use condoms despite the fact that the condoms may be uncomfortable because it is hard to find the right size otherwise they will have to face the repercussions of their actions (Fleming, 2014). The final thing in this commentary, is the fact that men are expected to take their children to the playground and school but not to cuddle with their children because it looks weird to the outside world.


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