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Explain what is meant by ‘operant conditioning’ in marketing communication. Provide an example of how your brand uses operant conditioning to communicate one of its messages

The theory of operant conditioning, also called Learning Theory, explains consumer behavior based on influenced by rewards or punishment. This theory provides that people’s behaviors are driven by the possible consequences that follow the act of behavior. This behavior can then be reinforced by external factors either positively or negatively. A positive reinforcement comes when the result of experiencing a certain condition strengthens the behavior and a negative reinforcement comes when the avoidance of a particular condition strengthens the behavior.

In a real life scenario, World Vision International uses the theory of operant conditioning to shape the behavior of people of contributing towards bettering the lives of their fellow human beings. The people around the world are motivated by the fact that the life of a certain person will get better. The World Vision brand, which is made of the star/cross, communicates the message that the organization is Christian based and the words “World Vision” shows that they bring hope to people who have lost the same. The organization gets its funds from its partners and willing people. To make sure that these people continue responding, the brand has communicated a reinforcing message that will make them contribute now and even in future. This brand communicates the World Vision’s physical identity that works well with a variety of circumstances and gets the attention of people from all walks of life (World Vision, 2005). If one is supposed to lend a hand and knows that in doing that, there is hope of the world being a better place. The organization has a vision for the whole world. Therefore, the partners and the contributors will always hold on to the target behavior which is giving and as a result, making the world a better place. This is a good illustration of positive reinforcement applied by the World Vision.

On September 3, 2009, the World Vision issues a report concerning its aid to the survivors of the West Java quake (Appendix 1). The report stated that «This earthquake damaged and destroyed thousands homes…….. the families need a safe place to shelter and clothes to keep them warm.“ The report continued to record that “an additional US $500,000 to support the immediate families in the hardest-hit area or they will continue to suffer.” Here, negative reinforcement is employed by World Vision to enhance get contribution from the people. If the brand communicates hope, then if this people are not helped, then they will have not hope, no shelter, no food and their lives will be in danger. Therefore, bringing out the bad consequences of not contributing motivates people to contribute because they would not like to see other people suffer. Here, the use of possible punishment that might come if contributions are not made is used as a negative reinforcement.

For intentions of responding the behavior of continuous contribution, World Vision uses continuous reinforcement by letting the world know that the selected behavior, contribution, improves people’s lives around the world. This is done through a press report that shows how people have benefited and how their lives have been changed (Appendix 2) (World Vision (2011). Continuous reinforcement schedule is used by World Vision for the continuous learning of it contributors to maintain their determination regarding the response of the behavior.


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