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Brand Management 5


  1. Name 2 brands that have excelled in functionality and respresentationality.

Coca-cola is one of the top brands in the world for the 13 consecutive times and it has served its purpose in the beverages sector from serving drinks in Amsterdam Olympics 1928 it has continued to be consistent and loyal to its customers and going with then trend from making even diet beverages it takes care of the needs of the consumer and also it has represented itself in a credible manner from what it is associated with and what it stands with or for (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013).

The other brand is Microsoft which has made a technological innovation that has and helped the world to be where it is today. The software has continued to work up making their versions better and better and to help all people and attract many customers and their returns are ever increasing (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013).

  1. Several stages in a brand’s life cycle have been highlighted. Note two brands that are in each phase. Provide the logic

In the introduction stage we have the unilever company which is brand is a detergent

Called sunlight that its strategy is saying dirt is good with that theory it attracts more consumers (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013). In the growth stage the brand I pick is Levi which is rejuvenating itself but it’s coming up with new diversity in style of fashion.

The maturity stage is the Samsung brand which despite being there for many years it has come up being the biggest gainer in the market making everything in technology from laptops to cell phones and the customers are responding well to their products (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013). The global stage I choose Coca-Cola for being there for many years and having good response to customer needs and going with the trend of the market

  1. List two brands you think have rejuvenated themselves. Which have been more successful? Why do you think this is?

One brand is Levi’s which is a fashion company that have gone down by launching a global creative platform and using a new marketing strategy “Go Forth” which pays homage to its heritage and what the company is all about (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013).

The other brand is the bra tree which is plastic hanger with decorative coloring but through new inventions and decorations it coming back to the market. Relying on one market strategy is not healthy for a company despite being the ones who created it (Chernatony & MC Donald, 2013).


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