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Brand management

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Question 1

Dell computers are associated with functionality, whereas Rolls Royce is associated with representationality. Dell is closely linked with functionality because its core aim is to provide goods and services that will best fit market needs. In other words, their products are tailored towards solving societal needs in the field of technology. When designing their products, Dell personnel greatly consider the functionality and reliability.

Conversely, Rolls Royce does not concentrate on solving market needs. The company concentrates on manufacture and distribution of luxury automobiles across the globe. At Rolls Royce, design and manufacture of products is made with an aim of demonstrating emotional and expressive power. Their products target the affluent members of society who wish to express their class and power associated with their wealth. Thus, Rolls Royce can be said to exhibit representationality because it concentrates on certain class of people in the society.

Question 2

Introduction phase- Zara, Topshop. The choices were made because the Australian fashion market witnessed entry of international players. Though the brands are well known in other parts of the globe, they are new to the Australian industry.

Growth phase- WhatsApp and Starwood Hotels. WhatsApp has been rapidly growing in the international scene as a technological tool for messaging and exchanging photos. Similarly, the Starwood Hotels has in the recent past opened numerous branches in Australia, signifying its growth.

Maturity stage- Dell and Roll Royce. The brands are at maturity stage because they have been developing throughout the years.

Decline stage- iPod and Facebook. The brands are thought to be at their decline stage because in the recent past, demand for the passion that was associated with its market boom is slowly dying down.

Question 3

Vicks and wonder are two brands that have rejuvenated themselves after undergoing decline phase. Vicks has been mostly successful because it has managed to restore part of its lost glory. Its ability to rejuvenate itself must have been due to its strong trust that it had established before experiencing a decline.