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Nivea Brand Analysis

Nivea is a German based company that specializes in skin-care products. In fact, it emerged in 1911 with its signature product; Nivea Crème that was the first ever true cosmetic moisturizer. However, it has expanded its overall operations to cover a much more comprehensive selection of products that are provided to customers to provide protection and care for body, face and hand. Some of the notable Nivea products include; skin care related products that include; Nivea body, Nivea Visage and Personal Care; Nivea Deo; Nivea Beauty and Nivea Hair Care.

Strategic management is the immediate development and implementation of fundamental goals and objectives as well as possible initiatives that are adopted by a company executive committee for the purpose of assessing both the internal and external market environments for which a company conducts its overall operations (Barney, 1991). In essence, it seeks to avail a distinctive direction to a company and thereafter ascertains to the fact that it specifies organization’s overall goals and objectives and formulate certain policies and plans aimed at accomplishing these goals for that matter.

The most notable strategic management that Nivea Management has explored rests with the diversification of its products. The firm is certainly known for its mix of products that cuts across the two genders; age and income level. The diversification strategy seeks to explore the untapped market of the products at hand and as a result, focuses on imporving the company’s overall sales revenues within the production periods. Pricing for their products are relatively dependent on the industry averages within any given moment in time hence the ability to attract even more customers.

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