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Apple Inc.’s iPhone was released in June 2007. This was after a period of 6 months hint. IPhone is one of the most successful Apple brands. This is through making a brand that is able to be felt on the heart and mind of the customer. iPhone is well known for its capacitive 3.5 inch touch screen and virtual onscreen keyboard. This is a brand that has been reflected through innovation, design and imagination. Apple is considered as a premium brand since most of their products have a premium tag (Apple, Inc., 2007). The target market for iPhone tends to be young, wealthy millennial and teenagers. Apple thus uses demographic segmentation in their market. This method uses variables that are easy to measure. The sellers of the iPhone can easily target the market due to the ease of demographic variables (Wedel & Kamakura, 2012). The young, wealthy millennial are the segment of consumers who love innovative and trendy products. These are the tech savvy consumers who love premium products.

Two trends that can be associated with iPhone Apple are beneficial intelligence and perspective shifts. Beneficial intelligence is a 2016 trend which claims that in 2016, the increasing number of consumers will be demanding fir use of increasing powerful and artificial intelligence technology that is accessible. This is aimed at putting smart products and services into the consumers. It involves use of smart and digital tricks to satisfy their customers. Perspective shifts involves repositioning the product or service with an aim of offering perspective shifts that will shock the customers in a playful manner. Consumers are becoming more open to innovations especially those that are able to disrupt their thinking. This involves playfully repositioning the product (Trend watch, 2016).

A trend can be defined as a general change in direction or process. In a business, a trend can be defined as general change in the market direction or prices of goods and services. Trading with trends is very vital for business success. Apple has been using the onslaught of technology change to make the life of the users amazing. This is seen in iPhone which has been improved to make the life of the users amazing. Apple artificial intelligence in iPhone includes Siri personal assistant. This makes Apple’s iPhone to be clever and be able to predict what the consumers’ needs or is looking for. This makes the iPhones to think like humans. Apple iPhone has also been able to embrace the perspective shifts though not fully. This is through playful repositioning the product with an aim offering perspective shifts. IPhone has been made with innovations aimed at disrupting their thinking value and just help in making fun. This is a trend that has not been well utilised by brand and which apple can capitalise on (Trend watch, 2016).

The levels of brand are; core benefit, generic product, expected product, and augmented product (Iglesias, Singh & Batista-Foguet, 2011). The iPhone core product is the basic functionality of the smart phone such as making call and surfing the internet. The generic product for iPhone includes its qualities which are its high screen resolution, touch sensitive screen, virtual onscreen keyboard, high quality cover and its ability to withstand shock. Expected product level on iPhone involves meeting the customer expectations. Consumers expect a highly innovative product which is durable. Iphone users expects Apple to sell their premium products which ahead of the competitors in the market. They want a phone with artificial intelligence. IPhone has been able to satisfy the expected level. Through the augmented level, iPhone has been able to be set apart from competition. This is through features such as high integration, artificial intelligence, innovative features, strong marketing strategy and loyal consumers.

Apple iPhone can add two values based on the current trends. The first value is addition of artificial intelligence in their iPhone. An example is additional research that will help in replacing the smartphone screen with artificial intelligence. The added value will help in creating long term relationship with the customers. It will also improve the brand equity. The second value involves playfully repositioning the iPhone with an aim of perspective shift. The consumers will be able to appreciate the value of iPhone. Apple needs to come up with an innovation that plays with consumers thinking. The added value will create a sustainable advantage for Apple iPhone. This is though creating values that are not easily imitated by the competitors in the market.


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