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Brainstorming is a process of generating ideas by an individual or a group of people concerning a given concept. This is realized when all judgements are suspended until the appropriate ideas have been generated. It is possible to argue that brainstorming is a creative technique of generating creative solutions to existing problems. Groups which engaged in this process begin by focusing on the selected problem and then commence a deliberate exercise of creating as many solutions as they can and pushing the ideas generated as far as possible.

It is notable that brainstorming is often used as a problem solving technique since it allows the individuals involved to not only come up with novel ideas, but also introduces a chain of reaction which enables the generation of more ideas considering that those generated by one member of the group assist other members in developing new and refined ideas by building on the original idea.

Other than the use of existing rules of brainstorming, the exercise often begins at the idea generation phase which allows for the mobilization of participants, definition of the problem and generation of ideas. At this stage participants cannot evaluate or censor any ideas. The final stage is the solution selection phase which allows for a critical and logically analysis of the proposed solutions. This is often based on the cost of implementation and other technicalities involved in the solutions generated. The best solution is often that which involves low implementation cost to ensure best results.


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