BPMS Implementation Essay Example

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Maintenance plan

The maintenance plan of the BPM is usually the most critical in the implementation process. The process in question is the home loans process. The project will outsource the tools necessary for maintenance from IBM or alternatively from Oracle. Both IBM and Oracle have similar models for Support and Maintenance costs based on the original license fee. IBM charges 20% and Oracle charges 22% annually. The first year of maintenance and support is included in IBM’s software license, while it is not included in Oracle software license. The IBM support services include both the software and hardware support services (IBM website). This is fundamentally critical since the project will focus on the having proper documentation and reduce the defects associated with the system (Avio Consulting). Moreover, the home loans process depends largely on the availability of the documents. The IBMS technology also focuses on the human resources, that in involved in the provision of solutions (Schulte and Hill 2011), which is a critical component of the management of the whole BPM plan (Avio Consulting). Therefore the project will outsource the services offered by IBM in this regard in the identification and selection of the proper qualified personnel to handle the applications process. This plan will be critical in the process of creating, evaluating and approving the client profile and the evaluation of the documentation presented. To ensure efficiency and low costs the system in place will be regularly upgraded and updated.

Evolution plan

The evolution will focus on the critical processes of the loan process and the use of the BPMS as an investment and wealth creation management. The critical process include: documentation credibility, home hunting outcomes complain, insurance complains, credit card complains, refund complains, documentation accuracy.

BPMS ImplementationBPMS Implementation 1BPMS Implementation 2

The loans process can either be a decision to create wealth or investment decisions. The use of data in this decision making process is vital in finding the best outcomes. The technology will be outsourced from IBM as well. Complex Event Processing in this regard will be the use of analytics as shown:

BPMS Implementation 3BPMS Implementation 4BPMS Implementation 5BPMS Implementation 6

Process mortgage deal

House hunting

Loan application approved

BPMS Implementation 7BPMS Implementation 8BPMS Implementation 9

Reject mortgage deal


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