(Bobbijo Brasfield) 341 COM Discussion 6 Checklist Essay Example

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A Review of the Definition of a Process Description

Beginning with underlying issues of a process as a series of actions Bobbijo Brasfield specific checklist succinctly provides thesis statement for a process as a series identifying gaps in previous studies. From the onset, the checklist uses the first few sentences to give readers an overview of how it is going to build and use flow based series of actions and the tools required to accomplish the task. The introductory statement conforms to module’s overview specific checklist especially on definition of the goal process. Importantly, the module’s overview introduces ‘a chemical, biological, or other ‘natural’ process to introduce to its readers existing flow based methods that if adopted will provide another level of innovative series of actions platforms; an aspect that has also been captured in Bobbijo Brasfield checklist.

However, elements of a process description fail to establish a definition on how a process as a series of actions can be tested. That is, the module’s overview calls for succinct description of the solution process and how it works. Contrary to this, Bobbijo Brasfield checklist provides a room to believe that the definition of a process description may not require identification and analysis of deliverables. According to module’s overview a clear definition of definition of a process description need to reflect on the general direction of the research giving readers outcome of their data analysis and brief finding. For instance, the module seeks to have a clear process identifying variables such as, ‘why the process is performed’, ‘who performs the processes and ‘the name of the process.’ Bobbijo Brasfield checklist did not only missed out on these elements, but also fails to provide context and background to the theoretical frameworks and problems faced when outlining definition of a process description.