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Jacy’s judgment is basically appropriate for managers since they evaluate the position of competitors. She notes that playing the game of business from competitors’ front is critical to remain ahead. The reflection on core competencies is great. However, the ultimate part did not relate core competencies, core products and end products with competition though it assessed the market environment.Jacy’s Opinion:

The tyranny of core competencies is based on Interfirm competition to build them. The corporate structure is on business, core products and portfolio of competencies. Top management of US companies lack the vision of administration in assembling resources despite having the technical resources to build competencies. Approaches to outsourcing, alliances, skill deployment, patterns of diversification and resource allocation priorities will change (Prahalad & Hamel 1990). I suggest a balance between the plane of core competencies and core products so that a company can win on building technologies and at the same time building on leadership. The questions are; is the company’s growth related to distribution channels, customer loyalty and image? Are SBU managers attracting new talent? Does the company have a stock pile of skills? Question 2:

Coopetition is the marketing thinking used by most organizations since it incorporates competitive and cooperative ways. It is crucial for a planned approach to marketing thinking because it considers both win-win and win-lose situation. The balance between the two is based on the background that win-lose strategies often fail (Brandenburger & Nalebuff 1995). For instance, organization wishing to lower prices as a strategy to gain greater market share can lose to companies also taking the same route hence setting the product or service price lower which is a lose-lose situation.Question 3:

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