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Blog Comments

A very interesting and informative post regarding the escalating levels of social media bullying. The challenge posed by social media bullying largely emanates from the fact that we cannot police the internet. This offers these bullies the confidence and self-assurance they need to spread their vitriol and spite with little regard for its effects. The statistics you posted on the post are worrisome. For most of the internet users failing to intervene makes, these bullies feel they own the interwebs. On the theories, I also feel the social comparison theory plays a critical role in social media bullying as most of these bullies often experience upward comparison and thus post hateful comments on those they feel have better lives than them. Great Post! I will be sure to come back for more reads.

I have arguments both for and against your blog post. I think social media presents enormous opportunities of which when well used may lead to social change and improvement. The Occupy Central campaign in Hong Kong came at a time when Hong Kong is regarded as the face of China in trade and international markets. China has a tightly controlled social media space and the ability of the leaders of the protest to leverage the power of social media for the campaign is not only commendable but a phenomenal fete. I however agree with you that social media in the case of occupy Hong Kong was abused for an unnecessary event. The dynamics of power in Hong Kong are different from any other part of the world and thus the protest were unnecessary. Most of the teenagers in the campaign probably learnt of similar protests in Egypt from the internet and decided to agitate. Thus, I believe let us use social media for good causes and not abuse it.

Interesting thoughts concerning censorship of content on social media. I believe there exists a clear demarcation between freedom of speech and taking responsibilities. I believe the social networking platforms owe the users a social responsibility for the content posted on these sites. As the users of the internet continually rely on it for information and knowledge, the platforms ought to ensure the information provided meets certain standards. In this regard, they ought to censure any information deemed unfit for these sites. Most of these sites ask the user to accept terms and condition before opening an account and part of those terms regards the control of information available to the users. I would like to laud these sites for the measures taken regarding the control of information as many allow other users to report information deemed inappropriate for subsequent action and censure.