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My name is Abdullrahman Al-Zahrani, a 34-year-old nurse from Saudi Arabia. I have always wanted to serve other people, especially those in need. My initial interest in taking care of people arose during my childhood when I would take care of my ageing grandmother. From this point, it was clear on my conscience that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Hence, after high school, I enrolled for a nursing degree so that I would acquire the knowledge and skills that I believe are essential for a nurse. I believe that a nurse should have good communication skills alongside qualities such as empathy, open-mindedness, compassion and patience. While I developed these skills during my schooling, I have always aimed at improving through the course of my career so that I can become a better professional. While training as a nursing student, I worked alongside other healthcare professionals, which further increased my interest in nursing. Later, when I became a practising nurse, I began to work in different settings, particularly in haemodialysis unit as well as primary health care centres, with various kinds of people: those with learning, physical, and mental disabilities, which exposed me to the positive effect that nurses had on those they served. During my thirteen years of working experience, I also worked in the male ward as a nurse. This opportunity helped build my experience in bedside nursing, as those I was caring for were patients in dire need of direct care.

I always wanted to have a career in healthcare, and as I was growing up, I realised that nursing is the most diverse and the largest career choice among the options I had. Nursing has plenty of entry-level jobs that one can consider while still making the decision on which career path to actually pursue. For example, one can begin as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner and later specialise in areas such as oncology nurse or family nursing. Avolio (2014) states that being a specialised nurse does not mean that one cannot change the areas of specialisation. With such information, I realised that I could practice nursing in various fields at the same time and I would fulfil my interest to the fullest. Another influence that shaped my decision is the diversity of the work environment. Unlike other healthcare professions, nursing is not restricted to the hospital as there are people who need medical care in all areas of the society. The options include hospitals, home care facilities, doctor’s offices, speciality care centres, non-profit organisations, military bases, insurance companies, government agencies, elementary schools, as well as on-site nursing options (College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, 2016). Avolio (2014) also notes that opportunities for employment are quite numerous in nursing, making it a marketable career. Moreover, with the entry-level skills, one can easily gain employment and later return to school at any stage to acquire an advanced degree. Because there is an ever-increasing demand for nurses (College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, 2016), I was certain when making the decision to pursue nursing as a career that I am entering into a field that will not only help me fulfil the desire to help others, but also help me live a comfortable life while doing the dame. Because nurses are some of the best-paid professionals in the healthcare sector, I would not have to get a second job to have a decent life.

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