Billboard assessment


Billboard assessment

Outdoor advertising involves the display of content meant to promote and create awareness about a product that the target group can view while in motion. It means advertisement content displayed outside the people’s homes. A billboard is an example of outdoor advertising that is perfect and effective in this scenario. A billboard is a large sign containing an advertisement usually placed on the side of roads, buildings, and even moving vehicles. One advantage of using billboard as an outdoor tool for advertising lies in its convenience of placement. The advertisers can position the billboard where it will have the greatest impact towards target customers. The positioning could act to great advantage for someone who wants to draw attention towards business located just around the corner after traffic. It is an effective way to attract the attention to a business that is near the billboard where traffic presence is heavy. Billboards are also convenient in places where reaching the targeted audience is difficult. For instance, placing a billboard along the main road that customer’s ply from different routes increases the chances of visibility (Robertson 2016).

Another advantage of billboards is that everyone with sight will see it. It does not have any bias. Everyone passing near the advertisement will be able to become aware of the advertised product. People will read the product advert whether they like it or not. Since many people go to work via the same route daily for most of the time, they will see the advertisement more often, and it will end up sticking in their heads. As a result, the billboards have the ability to attract customers who were never a target group in the first place (Nyarko, Tsetse & Avorga, 2015).

Using Google’s social media network such as Google Plus as an avenue to incorporate billboard advertising would be of great significance. Google is looking to extend its DoubleClick advertisement technology beyond computers and mobile phones alone. Advertisers would buy billboards from Google Plus using the DoubleClick technology. This technology would consider data and historical signals to choose which billboard to display and at what time. Through Google, the technology would look into the audience, travel information, whether, and sporting events to determine which creative messages to display on the billboards and the best time to run them. This idea looks to ensure that the passers-by get the most relevant type of advertisement considering the time and their location. While Google customers use Google Plus, the billboards would appear after factoring in the relevance and location. It would make it easy for advertisers to get their content to a wider relevant audience more so after sharing emails and addition in the circles.

According to Reich (2014), Google Plus is a social media that is considered relatively official. Through email interactions, connections are made and growth is established. An advertisement would, therefore, easily reach its target group since the target would be looking out for those advertisements in specific circles where they are. Google Plus is also wide, and an advert could reach a lot of people on a global scale within a short period. Google plus could also solve the challenge of selecting what advertisements to display at what time. It is possible to fabricate the platform in a way that a person would connect to others who are likely to display advertisements that are appealing to them (O’Reilly 2015).

The social network is also safe and protected from internet fraudsters who could use other people’s advertisements falsely and use them to con people. Through Google, safety measures can be enhanced to make sure that the advertisers’ rights are adhered to fully. It would have to protect the consumers of these advertisements who easily get exposed to crimes such as false advertisements. By bringing outdoor advertisement to the internet, a great pool of people would be drawn to the idea and enable access to a lot of people. Also, anyone with more than one thousand followers gets to advertise on Google Plus making it easy to access and utilize.


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