This bill of quantities has been prepared in reference to the following quantities as seen in existing ground, the engineer drawings and future anticipation of installation of support facilities at the site. Demolition works of the concrete path, RC driveway apron, double garage and brick veneer residence to be carried out at start of works. The site is then to be cleared and earthworks to follow immediately. The top soil is to be removed and taken to council depot. Also the ground is to be leveled and similarly the material be deposited at council depot. To facilitate work at the site, water, gas and electricity supply is paramount therefore; this should follow after site preparation.

The columns to be erected in place after which, FCR is to be placed and compacted to the satisfaction of the engineer. The concrete to be used in all works shall be 25mpa and whose thicknesses vary from 150 to 200.The roof beams and bracings to be done. The precast panels will be transported and installed by the cranes, after which the new pit will be constructed to drain the storm water from the site. Finally the site will be made good and presented to the client.


In this BOQ preparation various factors were taken into consideration and they include:

First, the construction escalation factor of 7% per year for three years and thus a factor of 1.22 that is (1.07)3 was multiplied by all the rates to arrive at a more reliable current rate. The current rate however may vary for the various items and may be less or more the rate calculated from the factor of 1.22 and this will in turn reduce or increase the budget.

Secondly, the excavation of the footing that is 600 x300 was considered as bulk excavation and column base excavation taken as structural excavation.However, during excavation the correct type of excavation for the footing as whole or in part will be established whether it is bulk or structural excavation and the appropriate rate to be applied and this will increase the budget price.

Thirdly, installation of a new crossover and power line insulation was anticipated .however, whether this will be determined at the cause of construction as this will depend on the functionality of the old cross over and height of crane used.

Finally, the figure of sub-total 1 of $ 4,891,407 has been increased by 15% to a grand total of $ 5,625,118 this was intentionally to gather for unforeseen circumstances and any variation as seen in introduction and this conclusion. Thus the budget as provided is sufficient enough to ensure that the work will be complete without having to trouble any party at the cause of construction.