Bikes2Go R&R Kiosk Concept

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Bikes2Go R&R Kiosk Concept

Bikes2Go R&R Kiosk Concept

Bikes2Go is a startup initiative of Bill and Karen Estes, and the two are graduates as well as enthusiastic bicycle riders in a modern southwestern city. They recently realized that most towns possess bike rental and repair shops near big parks and recreational sites however they lack the same in smaller parks and school grounds. Moreover, it is contended that the smaller recreational facilities and playgrounds. Do not lead to the constant traffic that supports vibrant bike rental and repair shops. Therefore, the bike paths constructed in such facilities are underutilized.

There are many parks in the Western King County that are potential customers however they are not served by the bike kiosks that are present around them. The Big Finn Hill Park offers a variety of facilities, which include ball fields, a play area, picnic shelter and multi-use trails it is located in the Northwest part of the city of Kirkland. The Cedar River Trail Site is another place that offers recreation in the King County; its off-road trail follows the historic railroad route passing through the river along state Route 169. The Black Diamond is another site that is considering a proposed project to develop trails as well as mountain oriented facilities. The Dockton Beach Park, Cougar Corridor, and the Duthie Hill Park are all connected with large tracts of open public places as well as hiking trails and more. The May Valley Park and Mirrormont Park have ideal trails for bikers which are not often used. The Pinnacle Peak Park has recently acquired acres of land that present opportunity to develop trails and recreational facilities. Lastly, the Sammamish River trails also provide an enjoyable regional trail as a regional recreational resource.

The condition in these locations presents itself as an ideal opportunity for developing an excellent business for bike shops activities that may lead to profits at a relatively small volume. Bike rental and repair kiosks can be can be prepared near these smaller parks as well as recreational facilities. Each kiosk may be required to have more than ten rental bicycles that prospect customers can rent at special rates through the provision of their credit card information.

Moreover, the customers will have a chance to reserve bikes in advance by using online options that will ensure that the payment information is collected, and the reserved bike is available for the client to use. The bicycle kiosks shall provide bicycle service resources which include, pressurized air, filtered water as well as toolkits for simple repairs. The booth will ensure that a precise fee structure of the services that they offer is provided. The bike stalls will be adequately maintained to keep equipment and the proper number of bikes. It is evident therefore that Bikes2Go R&R kiosk is an ideal self-sufficient miniature bike shop that learns with minimum personnel costs.

The small west king county parks are ideal places for test market for Bikes2Go R&R kiosk concept because they provide a market area with a concentration of target customers, several parks with recreational facilities and the few or no competing bike shops. Moreover, the climatic conditions are favorable making it easy for the operations of the kiosks. Furthermore, the west king county area is a relevant test market because it has concentrations of young people aged between 25 to 40 years. This population has moderate levels of income and high ability to spend on recreational equipment.