Best location for the new medical centre

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In search for health care services, patients make decisions on which medical center to visit. Choosing the location of anew medical center is an important factor for practitioners with multiple repercussions on the success on the success of the clinic. Ensure the professionals have ample commute time as well. Patients who have insurance cover visit clinics within their approved network. The adjacent environment should be clean and eco would want to get treatment in a dirty hospital.

Proximity to other medical clinics, due to health complications patients might tend to visit one or more centers for expert opinions on their health problems. Make sure that your clinic is visible to passersby, think of it as a marketing strategy. This is known as visibility.

[ CITATION Rei05 l 1033 ] Reports that demographics are the major attributes of your target patients i.e. age, average income helps you configure fee such as consultation fees. Other factors relate to the building, exterior factors, parking, elevators etc. Also interior factors such as aesthetic, size of the clinic and washrooms

According to[ CITATION Chr11 l 1033 ]
patients without insurance cover/uninsured persons rather seek care at safety net medical centers to get health care services regardless of pay. While income influences choices, location is a major factor and plays a major role in decision making. Patient would consider convenience, visibility, ease to access and connections to the community.

[ CITATION Moo06 l 1033 ] Says that primary health care clinics are located in a variety of convenient locations, from office buildings to strip malls, shopping, centers, and community crossroads. On the contrary, specialty care centers/regional medical centers are often located on larger municipalities and highway intersections for regional accessibility.

This evolving structure locates primary medical centers along small locations and specialized care of major municipalities. Professional consider a lot of factors to ensure ease of access, including if this is a primary medical center or secondary medical Centre. Estimate the locations population and population proportions of patients, working hours, personnel needs, transport options (public, pedestrian, locomotive) parking requirements.

The medical centers location in a capital municipality, sub urban, or rural settings plays into site analysis. For a satellite medical center in a densely populated area such as Ryder we determine that patients will walk to clinic rather than use other locomotive means therefore mitigating the need for a large capacity parking. In this analysis we consider three locations Auburn, Botany Bay and Ryde. (Australian territories). According to[ CITATION Moh11 l 1033 ]Consider the age group of individual in the area, their sex, their families and income level. This is helpful in the research stating the effects of the research on selecting which area to site select for building new medical area.

Competition among professionals with similar skills against related specializations may hamper your skills. Patients in the neighborhood have a variety of options. [ CITATION Rei05 l 1033 ] says that on the contrary it is very beneficial to have practitioners with same skill levels who could send valuable adjustments along the way. This report focuses primarily on relevant factors to consider when choosing a location to site a new medical clinic.


Different age sets have different needs and participations this involves various health care services. For example, an area which has a dense population of elderly persons has high demands of healthcare services. This is an aging population prone to contracting diseases need medical care timely manner.

Auburn has a high population of 38225 male persons and 35515 females. A high number of young ones of ages 0-19 yrs. as well as high number of youth groups from 20-54 years. This brings about two suggestions, stating that a new medical clinic is necessary to cater for the high number of adults, but again the elderly are few in numbers and are more likely to contract diseases compared to the young population age group. Young individuals have a low probability of contracting this disease compared to the middle aged and young group.

Ryde age group 0-4 yrs. babies have a significant higher population compared to Auburn. This is an important factor to consider when finding a location for new medical center. As we understand young ones are prone to get sick or infected compared to middle aged and youth groups who also have a high population for both male and females with an age range of 25-44 over 13000 males and 13000 females.

On the other hand, elderly persons are high in number age range of 55-85 with more than 15000 males and 15000 females. Therefore, we come to a conclusion that Ryde is a favorable location to site a new medical center compared to Auburn.

[ CITATION Moh11 l 1033 ] Reports that the ratios of the population proportion are a key indicator on location selection i.e. male and female, single or in a relationship, married or unmarried.

The ratios of males and females in Auburn depending on the ratios of sex. Medical centers have to adjust in order to provide corresponsive disease specific care services. There is a favorable equal number of males and females in this location. Auburn male population is estimate of 38225 while Auburn female population is estimate as 35513 with highest number recorded of middle age.

Ryde has a higher population of males 50060 compared to Auburn at 38225 a number slightly higher than the males in the area. On considering a location Ryde will be best selection considering its high number in population proportion of males and females.


This is a primary focus, consider number of family members, number of siblings and number of individuals in each family. Each of the families with children will have health concerns. Children are more fragile and vulnerable to disease compared to adults. Family have different health concerns. Once a family member has contracted a disease the others can be infected. Regular checkups are thus a must in this families. Auburn focus on family composition. Auburn have a high number of couples with no children. Couple family with children under 15yrs are 6445, couples with no children under 15yrs total 9627.

Ryde family composition couples family with no children are high at 9549.Copule family with children under 15 equal 8698, couple family with no children under 15 total 13230.Families with children, parents tend to be more concerned about health matter. In this case Ryde has a high number of conceptions with children under the age of 15 being concerned more than Auburn.

This is a clear indication of the appropriate location for constructing a new medical health care Centre. Young siblings are affected by major common diseases such as colds and flu, compared to couples with no children where there is low expectations and concerns of health on individuals.

Medical checkups requirement will increase at the same time a family will deduce as household income and expenditure plan, the proportions of medical expenses will be increased to use in case of medical emergencies.


Personal average income level indicates widely the spending patterns of the people in this areas. Person with high level income can spend more on medical expenses compared to average income of low level, whose persons would rather focus on daily expenses. Auburn total personal income and Ryde total personal income compares. Considering the average personal income level in both cases, if either location has higher income rates than the other, this means more money will be used in medical services. E.g. body check. Whereas the location level income earners in this area may spend their money elsewhere on entertainment or daily expenses rather than medical purposes.

AS we can see in Auburn a total of middle aged earning which is higher than the old age. Ryde, however has old aged higher than Auburn which has a potential of customers willing to pay for medical expenses.

We know that a medical center is most favorable when is provides quality medical services as a main objective, but focusing profit maximization ensure medical center runs per its standards.

Conclusion is that construction of a new medical center in Ryde is most preferable than Auburn. People in Ryde especially the vulnerable have a more stable income than those in Auburn, old aged with higher risks of getting sick, lower immunity increase the demand for medical attention, with higher income level compared to Auburn.

Location should have adequate space for future growth and expansions. In dense populated areas like urban areas I suitable because central stage for residential areas within the city. The socio-economic function of the hospital should incorporate the wellbeing of the society at large. Availability of utilities used to run the day to day activities, availability of water supply, sewerage disposable systems and electric power.

All factors stated are important and need be considered when locating an area for developing a new medical center. Note that different zone come in handy with different features, a professional should analyze and consult relevant parties on where best to place proposed medical clinic.

Total persons

Age groups:

0-4 years

5-14 years

15-19 years

20-24 years

25-34 years

35-44 years

45-54 years

55-64 years

65-74 years

75-84 years

85 years and over

Best location for the new medical centre


Couple family with no children

Couple family with:

children under 15 and:

dependent students and non-dependent children

dependent students and no non-dependent children

no dependent students and non-dependent children

no dependent students and no non-dependent children

no children under 15 and:

dependent students and non-dependent children

dependent students and no non-dependent children

no dependent students and non-dependent children

Best location for the new medical centre 1

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Best location for the new medical centre 2