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B2B Marketplace and social networking

B2B Marketplace and Social Networking

Green hat is a B2B market place that uses social networking to optimize business. Greenhat holds webinars to attract leads. It uses LinkedIn Pulse to drive traffic to the webinar page. Using captivating industry specific hashtags which promote discussion around the topic of the webinar, the marketplace generates excitement towards events. Green hat uses twitter to promote its events, it also uses LinkedIn and Facebook. To determine the best times to post, Greenhat uses the Facebook tab that shows when many fans are online (Evans, 2015). It takes advantage of social media built-in analytics which helps in deciding the best times when customers are online. B2B marketers use social media to monitor their brands as well as protect and promote their products. Additionally, it is through social media that B2B marketers build relationships with existing and potential customers in order to increase sales.

Although social networking is valuable for marketing, it has its risks. Use of social media for Greenhat could open up their activities and strategies to their competitors. Again, the company has to be very careful because of the legal risks involved. Apart from copy right, issues like rights to publicity, defamation, product disparagement and tortious interference are legal risks Greenhat is careful to avoid. Other risks that the company deals with includes the malware infection where third parties could infect the network with malicious codes to steal data. To mitigate the risks, the company has a web monitoring policy.

Globalization has impacted the way Greenhat does marketing. For instance, globalization has led to increased competition where customers have a wide market to choose from. They are better informed about products and services thus companies such as Greenhat need to respond to customer preferences. Additionally globalization decreases the brand appeal and companies have to work extra hard to maintain their appeal. Positive impacts includes a larger market share.


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