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Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа Соmреtitivе Аnаlysis

Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа Соmреtitivе Аnаlysis

According to Peterson (2016), Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Australia taking care of children, mostly who suffer from stress and other traumatic experiences. The organisation of deep rooted in Australia in bid to fund these children, who are majorly stressed I their early life, those who are orphaned as well as those with special disabilities and find them home where they can together live together as a family (Peterson, 2016). Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа is founded in the basis of a faith based organisation to take care of children, provide to them comfort while helping them develop mentally, physically academically and intellectually.

Peterson (2016) asserts that there is a primary competition of the child care organisation in Australia with the leading competitor to the Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа being save the children organisation. Save the children is a global non-governmental organisation serving not only in Australia but also in other areas of the wold, like Europe, Asia, Africa an America. There are several other small non-governmental organisations as well as governmental agencies battling for the child funding and care who compete with the Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа.

According to Kilby (2015), the following id the swot analysis for the Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа.


Bаrnаrdоs Аustrаliа is established enough to attract more donors and funding organisations for their activities

A widespread good reputation across the continent, with trustworthy supporters.


Poor adoption numbers among many Australians, who prefer bearing children for their own

Low number of carer turn u for volunteer


An increased number of homeless and orphaned children who need care in Australia

Governmental support on laws against child abuse, a chance for the organisation to attract government support

High number of donors and volunteer helpers of children showing up

Increasing number of child care non-governmental organisations and government agencies, competing for the same service.

Barbados Australian past Two Events

As Goel (2016) asserts, these are the last two dates of events at Barbados Australia organisation.

  1. Sunday the September 11th 2016. This event was hosted at different venues across the New South Wales. The event was meant to celebrate the organisation tremendous improvement and actions on touching children spirits. The event similarly was used to contribute to the donations for the children.

  2. September 3rd 2016. This was hosted at point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreational Centre, In Kananga Drive, Gwandalan. The event was all about a morning rock climbing wit the children, crafts and games playing with the children and additionally the activities such as archery.


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