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Assessment One Part A: Tourist Attraction Report Template

Tourist Attraction

(name and location)

Eureka Skydeck

Located at 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria 3006

Did you visit the Tourist Attraction?

If Yes (when)

Yes I visited this place late last year when my family had a one week holiday within Melbourne city.

A Brief Background of Tourist Attraction

The towers is one of the best sites that one should start with ones he/she visits Melbourne City. It is one of the tallest buildings where you can be able to view the whole city and have a bearing of the different places that are interesting within the city.

The towers provides a unique view of the city. One can go up to the 88th floor of the towers and he/she can view almost all the parts within the city. The views from the top of the building is very interesting that will make one always to yearn coming back and enjoy the view.

In fact from the highest view point that is in the towers one can be able to view different features that are within the city at an angle of 360 degrees. However, pictures taken from this point may not be clear due to the distance that need to be covered unless powerful cameras are used.

However, those people who fear heights will not like visiting the tower. This is because the distance between the ground and the top point of the tower can be scaring for them. Hence, the place best fits those who are brave when it comes to viewing of the heights.

What does the Tourist Attraction offer (be detailed): entertainment such as rides; food and wine; etc.

Normally this tourist attraction site acts as the starting point for any tourist who wants to tour different parts of Melbourne city. From this point, one can be able to view different landmarks within the city that are interesting for them. They will be able to decide where to go and where they will start and end up with. The tower enables tourists to plan and decide the time they will take to cover the city with its land marks.

Once at the top of the tower, there are some refreshments such as drinks that are being provided. Also different foods are also availed at the point for those tourists who want to take more time at this point to be able to enjoy it.

The kind of drinks and food that is found at this point is usually from different cultures in the world. This enables different tourists to enjoy different types of food and drinks. From these they are able to learn different cultures in the world also, interact with different tourists without having any differences.

SWOT analysis

(SW) Attributes of the Tourist Attraction

Strengths (S)

There are strengths that have continually made the Eureka Skydeck to be one of the best points that tourists are continually visiting. Below are some of the strengths;

  • It is famous to many both in Australia and the world

  • It provides a wide range of view that enables tourists to have a rough idea on how the Melbourne city is

  • It enables many tourists to plan different areas they will want to visit as they can be able to make decisions regarding which points they should start from and end. Hence this makes many to come for concrete decisions to be undertaken

  • The fact that the tower is strategically located.

Weaknesses (W)

There are some of the weaknesses that this tourist site has that has made it not to attain its maximum revenue generation. Some of the weaknesses are as indicated below;

  • The fact that not all landmarks that can be viewed from this point.

  • The fact that the place is not wide enough that many tourists can visit the place at a particular time

  • Not all tourists can visit this place. As some of those who have challenges with the heights will always not be able to enjoy being at the highest points of the tower.

(OT) Attributes of the external environment

Opportunities (O)

There are some opportunities that exist that can further make the place be popular than it was there before;

  • The fact that different plans about the city can be drawn and be viewed from the tower

  • The beautiful sceneries that are seen once a tourist is at the top parts of the tower.

  • The famous nature of the tower which allows many tourists to come to the place.

Threats (T)

Some of the threats that the tourist attraction is facing includes the following;

  • Terrorism risk as the tower is known to have many people

  • The fact that many tourists may not be seeing all the land marks from the highest points

Target Market (TM) Profile (include the bases of segmentation):

The major target market for the Eureka Skydeck is the international tourists who will like to know much about the Melbourne city. They will form the highest number of those who will be targeted to visit the tower. Also, local tourists will be targeted to visit the point.

Other Information of the Tourist Attraction that you would like to include

To ensure that the Eureka Skydeck is more attractive, it is best to undertake marketing to ensure that it is known to many.

List of References

(at least one reference)

John Paul. Interesting tourists attractions in Australia, 2012.