August 17, 2011 Essay Example

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Program for health promotion for pregnant women

August 17, 2011

Proposed Topic:

Program for health promotion for pregnant women

Health Problem:

The WHO statistics indicates that, there is an increased infant death and thus reduces the population. This has increased the number of older people in the population while the young people reduce. Aboriginal health promotion in the collaboration program will increase the workforce through the creation of other six health promotion development officers. The health issues to be addressed via this program will include; prevention of all the chronic diseases that is acquired through adopting health lifestyle in physical activities and alcohol consumption. There is also need to reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol among the pregnant women. The pregnant women will be required to be observed on their changing behaviors and those taking alcohol and tobacco will be keenly observed.

Target Population:

900 Pregnant women in 5 healthcares will be targeted in Ho Chi Minh City.

Justification/significance and expected outcome:

This project will use various approaches in order to enhance awareness on pregnant women so as they can live healthy while pregnant. For the pregnant women taking tobacco, there is an expected reduction in their numbers by 25% (Bartholomew, 2011). In order to achieve this result, there is a need to ensure that strong controls are imposed on cigarette advertisement. The government needs to come in an impose punishment for those pregnant women who will be found to be taking cigarettes during their pregnancy. This will be achieved through the assistance of healthcares who keep records of different patients. The same measures must be applied to the alcohol advertisement and this is expected to bring to an expected reduction of 35% of alcohol taking among pregnant women. These measures aim to reduce death among fetus and thus improve the population of the entire country. There is always a need to come up with a promotional plan and an evaluation plan while undertaking a health promotion project. The first step is to identify the health issues that are in the community


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