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This was one of the most enjoyable aspects of my group report as it offered me a group to get to know the inner workings of a company’s accounting systems. My role in the group was that of setting times for start and end of meetings and informing members of the venues for the meetings. I quite enjoyed this role though it had its challenges too. We usually met during breaks and after classes and hence organizing, the group to meet was an easy job. Nevertheless, it was a challenge to meet after classes since some of the time some members would have busy schedules, and I would have to negotiate with all members to reschedule. Nonetheless, the role worked well for me as I got to develop my communication and interpersonal skills that I believe will be important in my future professional work.

I do believe that working on the case study in a group made our work better as a whole. Our group decided that each member of the group would work on an aspect of the assignment independently. However, each member would present their work to the whole group that would offer suggestions for improvement. I found that this functioned very well for me since it resulted in work that was more cohesive in the end. In the development of my response, my group members were critical in assisting me to edit aspects that could be made better and also the addition of points I had omitted. Working with different types of people fostered a comrade dynamic among us that resulted in the formation of new relationships and strengthening of others. I believe this helped to make the group work experience better since we could easily correct and encourage each other as friends who had a different perspective. From my group members, I learned that accounting risk control is not only about rules and procedures but also responsibilities. The knowledge I acquired from this assignment will be helpful in future group situations in which I will be required to collaborate and assist others by offering different perspectives.

I do believe that the group work by our group was very well conducted. I enjoyed the experience and would not mind having another experience like it. The design of the assignment made it easier for use to allocate parts of the assignment to individual members which saved on time. The division of responsibilities such as timekeeping, setting time and location of the venue, chairing meetings, compilation of work among others made the group work task accomplishment an easier task. I feel that an approach of having every aspect of the assignment being tackled by all members would have slowed us down given the inevitability of disagreements on what would be included and what would not. Nevertheless, while others believed the latter was the best approach, I do believe the way we did it was the best way and would not change it in future group assignments.

The most useful thing I learned from this assignment was the need for negotiation in group assignments. I learned this through being the timekeeper and through our discussions. I had to ensure everyone was comfortable with our times and venues that had to be negotiated with compromise from different people. I learned that I am quite a good negotiator as most of the time I got people to agree to our meeting times and venues. I also learned the importance of tempering criticism in group situations. Since different people had different opinions, we had to be careful to criticize constructively so that a person with an idea would not feel embarrassed or ridiculed.