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Audi Television Advertising

Audi Automobile

Audi German automobile manufacturer designs, engineers, distribute and markets luxury vehicles. The company headquarters are located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. The company produces Audi brand in nine of its production facilities globally. The company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen. Audi company is known for A4 its bestselling model and R8 that dominates car racing in Europe and North America (Krause, 2015, p. 16).  The brands slogan Vorsprung dorch Technik means Innovation through technology, the company is leading in its automotive designs for digital and television advertising. Compared to other automobiles the company is close to advertising perfection. The next step in the company advertising is understanding the consumer lifecycle and how their buying behaviour change. The television media drives responses and conversations in Audi advertising unlike other channels.

Detailed description of Audi Advertising

After registering a minimal number of sales in 2010 Audi retorted to advertising to drive more sells. Marketing plays a great role in Audi rise to a niche brand and leading in prestige car sector (Kotler, & Kevin, 2012 p.61). Consistency and creative marketing prove effective for Audi. In the past 25 years, the company distinctively approached the challenging automobile industry and convection in marketing. The company is now synonymous with its strap lines in advertising. Apart from the brands, leading message of innovation through technology the company emphasizes the philosophy of its behaviour (Gronstedt & Anders, 2000 p.53). The company is innovative in its communication channels as its reaches customers by pushing convection boundaries, technological possibility, expectation and proving the credibility of its brand. Innovations enable the company to communicate with new and relevant models to its audiences. Since 1982, the company set standards for different car advertising (Gurjit, Omar, & Vallance, n.d, p. 123). The company employs communication as a potent tool in creating a distinction between its brands. The company’s voice tone earns the hearts and minds of many customers due to its fair share of attention. Audi implemented digital and television advertising for the first time in 2010, this was after the company registered less than 95 00 car sales, the new advertising strategy the company sell more than 101,600 cars within a short period (Lavrinc, 2008 p.1)

Lecture 9: advertising

According to persuasion/Message learning theory people learn and remember about a product trough its advertisement, human beings are easily persuaded and their attention directed to an advert, adverts enhance message retention (Chitty et al., 2015).Television Advertising remains efficient and outperforms offline and digital channels in driving new accounts and sales performance. Companies that market using this mode easily optimize their activities through data sources, inbound calls and another interaction with high customer frequency improves TV advertising performance (Bellamy, 2000 p. 130). Advertising through televisions allows for a wider coverage of audiences for a business product or service (Dransfeld et al. 1999, p.147). Television advertising easily portrays the product or service and enables customers to pick the right product when purchasing. Advertising involves the use of multiple points to influence a purchase. Since its invention, Television advertising continued to be the popular a mode of communication for large retailers (Kitchen, 1999, p. 77). The arrival of cable television lowered production coast and increased penetration to smaller markets making it an important option for small and medium businesses.

Comparison with the Lecture

It is creative for a motor adverting to break from traditional advertising and display shots of car interiors, sleek body works, and alloy wheels (Wolff, 2015, p. 26). Audi applied a creative approach to its cars development and marketing. The company segmented its luxury cars on behavioural factors and psychographics (Yeshin, 2006, p. 76). The company targets upper-class customer’s executives and professionals from rich families since Audi is affordable for them in addition to their appreciation of the advanced and innovative technology employed in designing the quality brand.

Audi channel gives customers an opportunity to view audiovisuals information on cars before going to Audi sale centres. The interactive programs create a deeper product experience that builds brand image and improves the number of prospective customers. The company opted for this strategy to improve conversion rates and generate ideas beyond dealership; customers require much information before making an automobile purchase. Through their brand message, the company came up with an idea of Audio channel to avail content that is more engaging for its customers (O’Quinn, Allen & Semenik, 2009, p.150). The world’s first car 24-hour television channels run on Sky platform. Content in the channel enhances all Audi communication channels from the buying process and direct marketing. The company created two different programs; the first program provides the consumer with model specific presentations that go beyond the information that brochure carry, the second program drives brand visibility example is an interview with Sir Alex Ferguson. The customer can also stream programs of their desired cars; the company waiting for the area has channels that run all day and inform and entertain its customers.

The TV channel now has more than one million viewers of which 87% of the viewers rated the channel experience positively, 26% acknowledge that the programs are increased their desire to buy an Audi. The channel cost less than annual add burst. The channels informed customers, and most of them watched the more than 12 times. More than 3800 mobile users have their content in their handsets and more than 800 customers download the channel to their podcasts. Through the channel activities, visitors’ number to company websites grew by 12000 monthly, and more than 5441 customers requested the company brochure. Additionally, the channel improved Audi’ image Vorsprung durch Television advertising, and the non-Audi user got to of the Brand’s technological advance from 74% to 887% (Yeshin, 2006, p. 96). The company led other automobiles in supplying content in digital platforms the company gained a lot through its idea of a TV channel. The company properly invested in the idea and recognizes the importance of making the content attractive, and relating it to people in addition to integrating it into all its operations.


Although, Audi is close to perfection in its advertising, however, its needs to perfect its customer profiling and data collection. A greater understanding of customer behaviour during purchase and use of the product will enhance the company’s advertising to focus on creating advertising content that suits them. The TV media content reaches a wider customer base leading to awareness and more prospective clients. They prioritize in delivering customer driven consumer insights to guide its marketing strategy. Television advertising brings the brand closer to the customer in a perfect way. According to Audi analysis, the number of repeat customer grew by 4.9% in 2013, a mark other companies cannot easily attain. The company promotes its channel through movies, video games, TV shows, and automobile races.


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