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Atlantic City Review

Atlantic City Film is among the romantic & perverse ghost stories in the film industry. Acted in a haunted city, the contemporary Atlantic City is a destined location where the dead & the living meet shortly, sometimes even make love and resume their individual routines.

Atlantic City film encapsulates various themes. One of the themes is the desire of every person to rise above the hard continuous monotonous work while the other theme represents various options in which passion and love exhibit itself. The story unfolds whereby Lou and Sally are intimately together but the complex nature of the relationship and how Malle & Guare handle the situation justifies the real life situation whereby it is never sure as to whether happiness of tragedy lies at the end. As such, Atlantic Film explores themes like the self-delusion and loneliness involving longing & nostalgia.

Atlantic City film displays the non society norms forty years ago. The movie principally identifies Lou to be an associate of top mob figures engaging in exhilarating gambling because it was illegal in the society. The behavior saw Lou making a drop on Dave purposefully to steal money from Dave collected from cocaine sales. Consequently, the normal construction sounds in society is hard at Atlantic City. The construction sounds acts as metaphor both for the refurbishment of the town & the movie characters. Each actor was searching for betterment & deliverance either in relationship whereby each individual expects to be a better person filled with self respect. This is between Sally and Lau meeting briefly whereby their romance experienced both the old & the new Atlantic City.

The characters are vibrantly throughout the movie by avoiding scene lingers. The movie director made sure that all scenes have an exit cut. The approach is to highlight what is important to the viewers in each scene. As such, all the scenes in the film indicated that the actors are delusional people having achieved to have a lifestyle just above the poverty line and not skilled orators.

The screenplay of Atlantic City film is brilliantly composed. The movie characters are designed to perform in snippets, moments and brief talks. The movie inhibits the possibility of deep exchanges and laborious monologues which is highly seen in most of the movies. As such, it is important to note that each & every line in Atlantic City is structured in varied approaches like surface, functional, utilitarian and self-delusion poetry especially in the scenes where characters try to express their loneliness and individual desperate situations. Example of the line carrying the strength of hope is when Buddy, a friend to Lou, promises Lau to look for him when things start going well for Baddy. Baddy is on his late sixties and still working as a towel boy. In the current society its obvious to say things aren’t going to gate better at such an age, but still Baddy believes that by the grace of God things will be fine. This implies everyone has a right to dream & have visions.