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Asylum Seekers and Refugees


In recent past refugees and asylum tend to face adversity during and after arrival of the intended countries, in regards to the complexity of needs that arises from the needs and the experiences (Larkin, 2009).Asylum often tends to show remarkable adaptation tactics to handle the extreme adversity .The Parents and Citizens(PNC) group may use media so as they reach the Government and also formal means such as direct circular or memo and request the Government to sake their audience. The group will try to outline to the government on various issues especially the positive ones so that the Government can take the parents and citizen (PNC) this organization very serious.

Furthermore, the group will urge that having policies that are inclusive to the asylum individuals will reduce several criminal cases within that particular states as the individuals maybe registered and monitored unlike where they are not allowed to get registration permits this may cause them becoming unidentified and other may even corrupt government officials who are being underpaid and get fake documents due to the fear of being subjective to the exclusive policies (Larkin, 2009). 

Inclusive policies will also enhance of exchange of cultures and other social events, for instance, the asylum or the refugees may poses talents and by allowing inclusive policies, the individual will be protected by the policies to get permits and even represent the states in various activities such as sports (Newbigging, K., & Thomas, N. 2011).Inclusive policies such as the children acts tend to provide children and their families basic frame work to gain support from the Government s of the day, this particular acts provides children with proper basic needs and accommodations. Inclusive policies also improve the children health. Policies which incorporates the asylum will make sure that the right of this individuals are not violated hence they will feel welcomed.


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