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Queen Zaria Brand Analysis 3



Digital marketing has taken precedence in the business marketing sphere. As such, many businesses have invested in online marketing to enhance gaining customers even in the areas the business does not have physical stores at by ensuring that an impression is created to foster brand loyalty (Liu et al 2016). However, this comes with many challenges compared to the traditional marketing (Clark & Abraham 2016). This retrospect paper seeks to analyze how service marketing fundamentals can be applied in digital marketing with the Queen Zaria as a case scenario while demonstrating the advantages of traditional marketing and flaws in digital marketing (Digital Marketing Strategies 2016).


Queen Zaria, having aspirations to be involved in the beauty lingerie including bra sales needs to involve various services in the business (Khan et al 2015). These services include providing delivery services for the customers since it is a digital business and therefore having no physical store currently. Moreover, the business can engage in offering advice to their customers in order to boost their confidence after surviving cancer. Besides, as proposed by Eisingerich et al 2015, since it is possible to engage physical contact with the customers, it should be possible to provide information regarding their products besides the advertising over the television and the internet to create rapport with their customers.

How to gain good word of mouth reputation

In digital marketing presently, online marketers depend on the reputation accorded to them by the customers. This can be after providing the desired services in an exceptionally pleasant way. As such, for a company like Queen Zaria to gain a good word of mouth, it implies that people have to know about the Queen Zaria brand before they can talk about it ( 2016). Building a good repute over the internet involves various steps as discussed herein.

Identifying influencers— this strategy aims at developing the social voice for a brand. This can be achieved at Queen Zaria by the staff creating links with such influencers like journalists, bloggers and trendsetting fans and public figures (Ameri et al 2016). For instance, including iconic people like Angelina Jolie who is both a star and a survivor will get the attention from the public which is the market. Besides, involving such media as YouTube and identifying why the platforms are popular will enhance the way Queen Zaria will appeal to the public as proposed by Liu et al 2015. This involves Queen Zaria not speaking large about itself but creating a platform and allowing the customers deliver the good news.

Creating a close knit community over the social media— Queen Zaria exists at a time when numerous social media platforms have been developed. These platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others present an easier way of addressing the customers almost directly (Elmasri & Hilal 2015).

Leading the thoughts of the customers— having observed what great influencers have, Queen Zaria should communicate to the customers through the right channel like over a blog. Doing so ensures that people provide constructive ideas whereby encouraging others who might need the products.

Being honest— Queen Zaria should embrace online advertising by inculcating honesty in the advertisements. This includes providing customers with credible information about the range of products which earns trust (Digital Marketing Strategies 2016). In so doing, the Queen Zaria will become a worthy topic of discussion over the website or social media.

Why digital marketing may fail in some segments

Digital marketing has risen up and as many companies have taken up the online marketing, it has brought numerous challenges with it. As such, digital marketing at Queen Zaria can be presented with lot of challenges some of which are discussed here.

The segments involved in online marketing fail to present the visual content to the satisfaction of the customers (Clark & Abraham 2016). At some point, it has been noted that a segment of internet users like visual adverts which is in turn not provided in full by all media platforms. That is to say, most of the customers on Pinterest and Instagram get the advantage of visual advertisement but Facebook users will require Queen Zaria to incur costs sponsoring the ads. As such, after a certain time, the company notes that the expenditure is high and end up underspending which will lead to a dip in the sales eventually (Digital Marketing Strategies 2016). Moreover, the company at some point has to invest in hiring professionals who can present visual advertisement over the internet because the PR at some point fail to understand how to prepare and present the visual elements over the internet.

In addition, for some items offered by such companies as Queen Zaria have to be repeatedly advertised over and over again. This is because the customers change tastes and preferences over time. Therefore, when a new brand is made or a different color is brought into market, it has to be advertised. Therefore, since many companies fail to blog enough over a time thinking that it has become ubiquitous, then the digital marketing goes south since the customers have to be kept updated on the new brands and designs coming up.

Furthermore, it can be noted that over the social media, over a time, the audience become used to certain adverts over a time. As such, talking about one brand like bras con only be changed in colors and sizes and therefore, the adverts about it become boring and people look the other way which indicates that different segments should be marketed instead (Elmasri & Hilal 2015).

How Queen Zaria can use traditional marketing communication

As demonstrated above, it can be seen that digital marketing cannot capture the attention of the customers for a long time as it may be expected and therefore should be supplemented with traditional means.

Contrary to what digital marketing entails, traditional marketing involves a more customer seller interaction (Eisingerich et al 2015). This is achieved through the marketers getting to the physical location where they can access the customers and engage in conversations about a service or a product being offered (Khan et al 2015). Queen Zaria can implement this method by visiting hospitals that treat breast cancer to engage their marketers with the cancer patients. This will help boost their people relations and can likely get people talking about them and therefore creating rapport (Liu et al 2016).

Furthermore, traditional methods like billboards and ads in the newspapers has become a norm for everyone. As such, people have developed a liking for the advertisements over the posters compared to popups over the websites and therefore Queen Zaria can reach more people over the billboards and posters.


Digital marketing can be achieved through establishing strategies that enhance good reputation and excellent word of mouth. Therefore, various steps have to be involved in identifying the manner in which the reputation can be attained and maintained (Liu et al 2016). On the contrary, it can be seen that online marketing present various challenges for Queen Zaria including expenses involved and yet they do not meet the expectations for businesses. Therefore, the businesses have to integrate both digital and traditional marketing methods to attain the goals of the business (Elmasri & Hilal 2015).

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