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Assignment Part B: CaseWorld — James Bates online discussion forum Essay Example

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Module 4. Discussion Questions 3


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James is a new graduate registered nurse (NGRN) who is undergoing TPPP at a metropolitan hospital. James reflects on key areas he has experienced in the course of the program. James has had experiences in the gynaecological ward, has experienced aspects of team leading, critical incident with times when some comfortable and uncomfortable days.

The strategy is to embrace the transition as an evolutionary process typical of transitional stages of “doing, being and knowing” and develop a transformational form of leadership (Petra Lija & Anna-Karin 2010, p. 187). This is what James has undergone with doing characterizing his early moments of a new experience and ‘being’ and ‘knowing’ characterising the later stages. By James embracing these stages, he was able to learn how to work in the new hospital environment and alongside the staffs. Transformational leadership enables him to continue empowering himself with skills and qualities to inspire others and maintain a healthy working environment. To continuously enhance my knowledge, CPD on new nursing care developments and leadership aspects shall be instrumental to my professional growth.

The experience has enabled me to envision what to expect in my TPPP practice and inform me the significance of learning from others and working in a team as James did with Brenda, the enrolled nurse. Therefore, documented evidence of experiences of nurses in TPPP programs and literature on transformation leadership shall be informative to my career (Petra-Lija & Anna-Karin 2010, pp. 187-189; Hutchinson & Jackson 2012, pp. 12-14).


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