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Australia has been the favorite destination for Chinese tourists for the last few years with Chinese overtaking other Countries in the number of visits. The increase in number has come with different challenges and benefits that different Australian citizens and leadership experience. With the current trend in the number increase, China has been identified as the widely increasing tourist market conqueror in Australia. The Aussie dollar within Australia has been reaping the reward that Aussie dollar offers to the economy.

The slowing economy within China has been driving the beneficial tourist attention that Australia is experiences today. Majority of the Chinese have preferred to carry out their businesses outside their country. The trend that has been shown in the increase in the number of tourists from China is surprising since it has shown a sharp increase in the number. With the trend of increase being slow from 2004 to 2011, it took a different trend from 2013 to 2014 with the highest growth rate with a projection of being highest number of visitors (Business Insider Australia, 2016).

The expenditure per visitor is the driving effect in the development of the tourist sector as well as in the revenue generation. Going by the statistics and analysis of the tourists’ expenditure, Chinese tourists are the highest average expenditure per visitor. The average Chinese expenditure is evaluated at around A$3000 (Aussie dollar) more on the closes visitor expenditures per trip. This shows the additional advantage that the company the country offers to the Australian economy irrespective of the benefits they gain from other countries (Business Insider Australia, 2016).

The increase in the number of Chinese tourists has been motivated by different factors within the two states; Australia and China. First, it has been made easier to apply for the Australian-China visa than any other State can receive the visa to Australia. Secondly, the visas are easily published and have been made known to the Chinese through different publication methods. Thirdly, the Australian hotels and tourist guides have advanced in preparing the diverse means which favors the Chinese as they diversify towards ensuring that they get to terms with the new and different meals (Business Insider Australia, 2016). Lastly, Australia has been using different specialist agents from across Asia with the quality delegates from Australian tourism business making the convincing efforts to the Chinese (ABC News, 2016).

Despite the increase in the number and the spending that the Chinese offers to the Australian economy, it is likely that the retail shop within Australia are likely to lose. The visit is likely to favor the Chinese industries and shops within Australia. This will be the case as the Chinese are likely to fall short of the language for expressing some of their issues within the economy. It has also been brought forward by the fact that the Chinese are expecting to find high quality goods which are free from counterfeit issues and their belief is that they can only find them from their people (ABC News, 2016). The investments that have been made by the Chinese within Australia are greatly reaping from the Aussie dollar deal and business.

From the discussion, Chines are the largest tourist to Australia which is expected to increase. The stakeholders within the Australian economy should ensure that safety and other needs of the toursits are provided in the economy.

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