Assessment Task 2A

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Assessment Task 2A –Group task – ‘Group research and critical analysis review’

Student Name and ID: ___________________________________________

Student Name and ID: ___________________________________________

Student Name and ID: ___________________________________________

Student Name and ID: ___________________________________________

Tutorial (Day & Time)___________________________________________

Topic: __international training and development _______________________________________________________

Author(s) and year of publication year of publication

1 Maria Isabel Aragon 2013; vol 24: 8 pp 1671-1684

2 Raquel Sanz Valle

Is each research article related to your topic? YES or NO – please circle

(If you answer NO to this question your group needs to find, analyse and summarise another research paper that is relevant to your topic)

What are the main contentions of each research paper?

_____________________________________________________The main contention of this research paper is to look at how training of employees impact their performance in the organization. The paper focuses on training of managers as one of the important factor in the organization. 1 (First Author, year)

2 (First Author, year) ______________________________________________________

3 (First Author, year) ____________________________________________________

4 (First Author, year) ____________________________________________________

List common concepts (ideas), propositions or theories that have appeared in the literature review of these research articles. Don’t forget to add a reference (citation) after each point to assist with comparing and contrasting the research articles.

Training of personnel for an organization is one of the key factors that leads to success due to improved performance. This paper summarises the critical analysis on human resource journal which largely basis its argument on the need to train human resource in an organization. Development and training of employees and other personnel continues to be a major component that largely defines the performance of labour in an organization. To improve the labour force performance, various ways can be used, and the article tends to favour training as the most preferable way of achieving it. In the paper, three theories have been argued from the journal explaining the reasons for researchers to view training as the act of improving performance. The theories include; universalistic theory, knowledge perspective theory, and resource based view of the firm.

Identify and list key issues that have been discussed in the literature review of each research article. Are there any similarities or differences in the type of issues that have been discussed across the research articles? For example, have two authors raised similar issues?

From the literature review, the paper focuses on the training of managers. The paper first acknowledges the need for training of the entire human capital in the firm to improve performance but first looks at the training for managers. Training is viewed to be beneficial and effective for the organization if it is set as a strategic priority. The part explains training as an important part of an organization as it improves employee’s knowledge and skills which improves their performance. Through the article of employee training, there has been hypothesis drawn by the group which in general is showing how the performance of employees relates with the training activities. Hypothesis further explains how the time taken on employee training relates with the performance in the organization.

Do any of these research articles use the same method of data collection or analysis? List the method of data collection and analysis for each article and note any points of interest.

From the study, the data collection method was the questionnaire which was presented to the human resource managers. The firms selected were 3456 and all of them were served with a questionnaire, only 316 of the questionnaires were received back. Measurement of performance after training was basically based on manager’s effectiveness which means the skills, knowledge, innovativeness and motivation towards work and also the financial part of their performance which based largely on the returns received from asset investment

Make a note of who was studied in each research article. Are the participants from similar or different industries /sectors, regions, nationalities, gender? Note other demographic variables of interest.

The survey was seen to focus mostly on the training of managers. Managers are very important part in an organization, they are supposed to be trained in order to gain knowledge an skills to be used in terms of decision making and budget control services. The training of managers aims at improving the performance of entire organization. It was thus found out that training of managers positively affect managers performance in terms of how they conduct the daily activities, like innovation. The resources and hours of training were found to positively affect the performance of managers according to the study. The study thus supported three hypothesis of the study from the findings.

Paraphrase – i.e., use your own words)Consider the findings of each research article and how each has contributed (added) to the knowledge on the research topic. Write down at least one point for each research paper. (

Through the study, it was seen that training of employees is very important for organizations as it improves their skills. It was also noted that training ought to be done in such a way that each group of employees according to ranks and services offered to be trained differently as they require different skills. It is important for organizations to take keen interest in training of employees to improve their ability to compete well with other firms.

Paraphrase – i.e., use your own words)How have these research studies contributed to the broad knowledge on this topic? (

The study on training of employees is a major concern for many organizations. Following the topic on whether training for managers pays off, the study has been of great help as it has shown how well trained managers can impact positively to the success of the organization

Paraphrase – i.e., use your own words)Compare the suggestions for future research across these research articles and note any similarities or differences. Do the authors of these research papers concur (agree) on the future direction of research on this topic? Note any differences in the recommendations for future research directions or suggestions. (

The studies have recommended similar use of longitudinal studies which are conducted over long period of time and seem to be better than cross-sectional study. Further, to explain more on the topic, the study recommended the use of moderator variable which will talk more on the topic of study.

(500 words per student)